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A Hobby Grows in Murray Creations Photography

Sometimes one thing turns into two.

“I always thought I would be a computer programmer or do something business-like,” Sarah Murray noted. “I have a full-time job in healthcare as an office specialist. I have been in a health care or financial situation for my entire professional career. »

She also has Murray Creations Photography.

“I never thought of myself as a photographer, she says, but I’ve always loved taking pictures. As a teenager, I had a small camera that took 110 film, then I bought myself a 35mm camera. So with each camera, my interest grew. I had uncles who took pictures and developed their own pictures, so I was really interested in that. I really started to take an interest after the birth of my daughter.

Murray grew up in northwest Ohio, graduated from Napoleon High School and the Four County Career Center, then earned a degree in business management from Marion Technical College and will soon be graduating with an applied management degree from ‘Franklin University.

She launched Marion-based Murray Creations Photography in 2015.

Sarah Murray started Marion-based Murray Creations Photography in 2015.

“A close friend and colleague of mine saw the photos I had taken of my daughter and asked me how much I would charge to take head shots,” Murray recalled. “Her husband is a gospel singer and lived in Bucyrus. So we talked, and I did the pictures for one of his albums and that’s where it all started.

“Now I do a bit of everything – nature, wedding and engagement, senior, family, event and even sport. I don’t have a studio or an office because I do all my work on location,” she added.

Client Crystal Morgan has worked with Murray several times.

“I’ve worked with Sarah on a few different projects,” Morgan said, “from my daughter’s graduation photos and graduation day to Noelle’s Luau project with a hundred kids. . She is very patient and works extremely well with clients of all ages to create beautiful works of art.

“This fall, she will take my son’s final year photos. I can not wait. Sarah loves to photograph and it shows in her work,” Morgan added.

“I love taking pictures,” Murray replied. “I feel like when I’m behind the camera, I’m in my happy place. It’s something I definitely do with my heart. Every photo I take, I take multiples to make sure I capture that moment perfectly. .

“I can’t wait to see where life’s path takes me next,” she concluded.

For more information about Murray Creations Photography, visit Facebook.

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