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A local photography business brings an advantage

A local photography company is making a name for itself for its unique style of shooting and editing.

Digital Binge has been in The Basin for two years. It belongs to the couple Sarah and Ryan LoVecchio.

“We have our own little style, or our little niche,” Sarah explains. “I always call her pretty and gritty. We love beautiful photos, but we also love their darker, bolder vibe.

Photo by Digital Binge

The couple practices all types of photography. Ryan does most of the shooting, Sarah helps coordinate the shots and helps whoever is being photographed feel more comfortable.

“I think it’s good that we can exchange ideas with each other,” says Ryan.

Ryan and Sarah say that since they started the business two years ago, business has been steady, but the way they got there has been far from good.

Ryan says he went from car designer to oil worker to even cook before taking up photography.

“When we got married, I realized she couldn’t cook,” Ryan says. “I realized that maybe I should learn to cook. So I started watching Food Network. Something sparked interest, what if I was doing this for a living.

They moved to Northern California for a few years so Ryan could pursue a cooking career. This eventually led them to launch Digital Binge.

“I was a chef before and thought we could get better photos of our food when we go out without dishes. That was the start.”

They are now back in the community where Sarah is from. They say their ability to work together makes them a great company and product.

“Almost everything Ryan touches turns to gold,” Sarah explains.

Photo by Digital Binge

Ryan and Sarah say they’re ready to shoot anything. If you want to book with them, click here.

To learn more about Digital Binge, watch the video above.