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A veteran uses his photography skills to give back to people

CLARKSVILLE, TN (NOW CLARKSVILLE) — Going from running a business to serving 20 years in the military and then back into the world of civilian business is something Jayson Rivas, owner of JHR Photography, knows well.

Rivas was in business for himself with a restaurant before the September 11 attack in 2001. He decided to liquidate the restaurant and serve his country, which he did by joining the army and becoming a beret green of the 5th Special Forces Group.

Army veteran and owner of JHR Photography, Jayson Rivas, takes a picture. Photo by Jeff Danault, 2022.

He became a medic and in 2005 arrived at Fort Campbell and has served there with 5 Group ever since. Rivas, a master sergeant, is currently transitioning out of the military, with that transition expected to be completed in January 2023.

Rivas said he had always been into art and learned a little about photography as a child because his father took up photography as a hobby. While in the military, Rivas said, he learned technical photography, which was taking pictures in the dark for reconnaissance and things like that.

“When I realized I could add light and people, it was a lot more fun. I always wanted to get back to business, so that’s how I got back into it. I I started working with more people, building a clientele, doing portraiture and commercial work. It kind of grew in there,” Rivas said.

Army veteran and owner of JHR Photography, Jayson Rivas, at work behind the camera. Photo by Jeff Danault, 2022.

Rivas said that JHR Photography started about five years ago and was done in his spare time from his military work and back then it was more of a hobby or a side job, but today, it’s definitely full time.

The JHR Photography side of the business offers headshots and senior portraits, as well as commercial photography. Rivas said he particularly enjoys fashion photography. On the sports side, Rivas said he does team and individual photography, including all promotional items for teams and clubs.

Speaking about transitioning from working in the military to owning a business in civilian life, Rivas recommended being safe and having a plan.

“The military prepares us with a ton of skills that don’t translate directly into civilian life all the time. But I think as a business owner and entrepreneur, they’re transitioning really well. It’s really the ability to have a plan and execute it,” Rivas said.

Rivas added that as he leaves the military, he works with other transitioning soldiers, takes their photos, connects them with people who can help them with their resumes, and just helps them prepare for the job. enter civilian life and the civilian workforce. .

Army veteran and owner of JHR Photography, Jayson Rivas. Photo by Jeff Danault, 2022.

Finally, Rivas shared what he believes to be his purpose in his art and work. “My whole mission in this field is to use the talents that God gave me every day to give back and bring value to people. He gave me a talent for photography, I want to be able to give it back to people in what I do,” Rivas said.

You can learn more about JHR Photography by stopping by their location inside The Press at 211 S. Second St. in downtown Clarksville, visiting, emailing [email protected] or by calling 615-249-8096.