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All life forms on Earth are always in search of food

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…no life form on this planet can survive without an adequate source of food. Through our evolution and our division of labor, we can rely on others to produce our food, which frees us to engage in other activities that others need…given the freedom to do so, Everything is going well.

In the photo above, a bee collects pollen from a flower to bring it back to the hive and in doing so, it pollinates the flower and performs a service to ensure the longevity of the flower. In the image below, a Red Tail Hawk launches itself from its perch on a cliff as it also searches for a meal, but in its case it will be a rodent, rabbit or other creature that will serve as its food … daily, around the world, this symphony plays out and life goes on.

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I don’t know how a week can go by so quickly, but my daughter left tonight to return to the east coast…what an incredibly wonderful time…time to sleep before another beautiful day begins. Wishing you the best day filled with joy you’ve ever had… it’s the only day guaranteed to be so choose to enjoy it and live! Breathing is such an underestimated joy!



I don’t ask any man for a chance,

I am not one of those who sway in madness.

I am the source of my rewards,

I do my job every day.

The fruit of the trees, the grain of the fields,

Wherever use and beauty hide—

Everyone’s good belongs

To those who do their job.

It doesn’t matter if they are rich or poor.

This is the great commandment of the future,

Who does not work will stop eating;

On this rock I stand.

excerpt from the Work of Max Ehrmann



The easiest way to reach Mr. Grussing is by email: [email protected]

In addition to photography sales already taken Ted does special shots for clients on request and also does air to air photography for those who want pictures of their planes in flight. All special photography sessions are billed on an hourly basis.

Ted also runs one-on-one workshops for those who want to learn the techniques he uses. By special arrangement, Ted will run one-on-one aerial photography workshops which will include real photo shoots in the air.

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