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Amplify and Getty Announce Winners of Teen Photography Open Call

Today, non-profit design lab Amplifier and the J. Paul Getty Museum announced the winners of “Reconnecting with ____,” a joint open call for photography of students ages 13-19.

The winning works were chosen for their thoughtful and creative responses, and were selected from a pool of more than 1,660 submissions from 49 states in the United States and more than ten countries around the world, including India, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

The prompt was an invitation to consider, inspire and reflect on the social justice issues that matter to teens. He encouraged teens to reflect on their own lives, consider the state of the world, and inspire others through their unique artistic expressions.

“It was moving to see the images created and submitted by young people,” says Elizabeth Escamilla, head of education at the Getty Museum. “The photographs capture a wide range of emotions – from joy, regret, melancholy and excitement to reconnecting with friends, families and ourselves during this unique time in our collective history. We are thrilled to share the images of these young photographers with the public at the Museum and online.Each image invites us to reflect and reconsider how we reconnect with what matters to us.

The jury included artists Chip Thomas, Christian Rincon, Rommy Torrico, Das Frank, Mer Young, Tracie Ching, Jessica Thornton and Alex Albadree; Associate Curator Department of Photographs Amanda Maddox, Head of Education Keishia Gu, Associate Director of Education and Public Programs Elizabeth Escamilla, Associate Director of Richard Rand Collections and Interpretive Content Specialist Tuyet Bach at the J. Paul Getty Museum; and Amplifier Co-Creative Director Aaron Huey and Co-Executive Director Cleo Barnett.

The winning submissions from the open call will be transformed into Amplifier-style artwork by some of Amplifier’s top artists such as Tracie Ching, Alex Albadree and Mer Young, and featured in a special exhibition at the Getty Museum, Unshuttered: Reconnecting with ____ opening on June 14, 2022.

For this project, Amplifier has developed a multimedia lesson plan consisting of an original video lesson on portraiture by Amplifier founder and co-creative director Aaron Huey and a three-part lesson plan that guides classrooms to through a practice circle for brainstorming, application of knowledge through practice, and finally presenting their photographs ready to be submitted to their peers. Amplifier has also posted short artist teaching videos from renowned photographers Josué Rivas, Hannah Reyes Morales, and Chip Thomas detailing additional portraiture best practices and how they would personally approach this topic.

These tools will be distributed to teachers of the one million students in the Education Amplifier network, which covers all states in the union.

Amplifier Executive Director Emily Goulding said, “We’ve been thrilled to see so many classes in our network using the lesson plan and committing to this project! And the submissions have taught us a lot about how teens in the United States and abroad experience this unique moment in time.

Winning Job Highlights

Samantha Georges

In my portrait, I explored the disconnect between people and the natural world. For the past couple of years or so, many of us have shut nature out of our lives. However, for my portrait, I wanted to show how we are natural creatures meant to spend more time in the natural world.

Isabelle Lamas

My mother has always been a symbol of my roots because she represents the courage to come to an unknown country at a young age, and that gives me power. She is dressed in traditional Guatemalan clothes and her face exudes hope for the future. The roots crawl up the walls as a way to signify that my roots are coming into my life. Recently, I reconnected with my roots by learning more about my family.

Caitlyn Tuttle

In taking this self-portrait, my main concept was how I wanted to enter 2022. One aspect of my life that I want to keep in mind in the new year is spirituality. With all the devastating world news and my own personal issues, actively seeking positivity has become an important practice every day. By reaching for the moon in this portrait, I symbolize success, with a bright future ahead of me.

Ava Carson

Throughout this pandemic, many have lost sight of their passions. In such an isolated time, so many of us have forgotten what we love. In this image, I captured Norah Brozio, a teenage ballet dancer, reconnecting with her passion for dance by stepping into a high arch overlooking the sky. For me, this image captures how we all had to reconnect with our passions in a time of loneliness and loneliness.

Brooke Elien

I wanted to encapsulate the beauty and happiness of reconnecting with friends and this moment was just that. By the people in the picture facing inward, there is a clear sense of camaraderie and friendship that leaves the viewer in the perspective of the stranger.

Full list of winners

Samantha George, 17, Liberty Township, Ohio
Paul Fauller, 18, Burlington, MA
Chelsea Afadzi, 18, West Chester, Ohio
Isabel Lamas, 16, Quincy, MA
Olivia Suddleson, 17, Los Angeles, California
Caitlyn Tuttle, 17, West Chester, Ohio
Isabella Schuster, 18, San Dimas, CA
Caroline Chiok, 16, Brooklyn, New York
Isabela Salazar, 16, South Pasadena, CA
Jade Carrera, 17, Los Angeles, California
Ava Carson, 16, St. Louis, Missouri
Katie Medicine Bull, 17, Ronan, Montana
Luka Gale, 18, Cazenovia, NY
Elodie Hekimian-Brogan, 19, Beverly Hills, California
Ian Kim, 17, Glendale, CA
Lea Abito, 17, Jupiter, Florida
Sloane Sinclaire, 19, Palo Alto, CA
Alina Wong, 18, Monterey Park, CA
Brooke Elien, 16, Brooklyn, New York
Gabriel Guemez, 16, Los Angeles, California

View all submitted photographs as well as the 20 selected works on the Amplifier website.

This partnership between Amplifier and the J. Paul Getty Museum is built on a shared commitment to arts education. “Reconnecting with ____” is the theme for the fourth edition of Getty’s award-winning photography program Unshuttered, which is a platform and community for teens to share and grow their passion for photography and advocating for justice. social.