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Architectural Photography Awards: 24 photographers selected for this year’s shortlist | News


APA 2021 Selection Sense of Place: Rita Restaurant in Arlo Vallery, Wellington, New Zealand. Image © Andy Spain. Image courtesy of APA 2021

In collaboration with the World Architecture Festival since 2012, the Architectural Photography Awards (APA) celebrate the work of professional and amateur photographers passionate about capturing the beauty of architecture and the built environment.

According to the organizers of the APA: “Images of the built world are ubiquitous, used beyond the world of architecture and design, you will see buildings in advertisements for finance, cars, travel and more. . Despite the visibility of these images, their creators are invisible. The APA crosses sectors and continents to raise awareness of the know-how of these photographers; their ability to translate the sophistication of the built world … “

Among 2000 entries this year, 24 photographers were chosen in the categories Exterior, Interior, Sense of place, Building used, Mobile and Portfolio. Below is a selection of shortlisted photographs in each category.


Outdoor selection for APA 2021: Bully Hill House in New York. Image © Brad Feinknopf. Image courtesy of APA 2021.

Outdoor selection for APA 2021: Maggie Center in Oldham, UK. Image © Alex de Rijke. Image courtesy of APA 2021

APA 2021 outdoor selection: CapitaSpring in Singapore. Image © Kevin Siyuan / Courtesy of the Architecture Photography Awards 2021


APA 2021 Interior selection: ME Dubai Hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Image © Francisco Nogueira. Image courtesy of APA 2021

APA Shortlist Exterior: Koujak Jaber building in Ramlet El Beida, Lebanon. Image © James Kerwin. Image courtesy of APA 2021

APA 2021 Interior Selection: The Rainbow Apartment in Tokyo. Image © Yifeng Deng


APA 2021 Selection Sens of Place: The Cube in Berlin, Germany. Image © Robert Herrmann. Image courtesy of APA 2021

APA 2021 Sense of Place Shortlist: Vacation during COVID-19 pandemic in Chonqing city, China. Image © Lui Xinghao. Image courtesy of APA 2021

APA 2021 Selection Sense of Place: Taihu Show Theater in Wuxi, China. Image © Wei Pinyou. Image courtesy of APA 2021


List of APA 2021 finalists Greening the City Mobile: Getty Gardens in Los Angeles, California. Image © Chen Guanhong. Image courtesy of APA 2021

APA 2021 Buildings with History Portfolio Shortlist: Hangzhou Metalhands Coffee in Beijing, China. Image © UK Studio. Image courtesy of APA 2021

APA 2021 Greening the City Mobile list: Architects own. green office in Olot, Spain. Image © Yi-Hsien Lee. Image courtesy of APA 2021

The invited jury will judge and discuss the shortlisted images live on November 30 as part of the World Architecture Festival – The Digital Edition. During their deliberations, the jury was invited to “look beyond architecture, to consider composition, the use of scale and the photographers’ sensitivity to the atmosphere”.

To learn more about the Architecture Photography Awards, click here. To learn more about the World Architecture Festival, click here.

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