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Art Valet: UH Photography Students to Showcase Their Work in Thesis Exhibit | Arts

This year, University of Houston photography and digital media students will present their main thesis exhibition from 6-9 p.m. on Saturday, April 30 at Mother Dog Studios, 720 Walnut St. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend the opening, and the exhibition will remain on view until May 13.

For the past three years I have received requests from UH students looking for space for this year’s senior class to raise funds by selling their art at Sawyer Yards Market. I love a good cause and I always sponsor them.

This year I got the call from photography student Ginger Davis, but upped the free offer by getting her to promise to let me interview her and promote their group thesis exhibit. Can you believe it, she accepted my offer!

A native of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Davis transferred from the University of Texas at San Antonio to earn her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Digital Media and Photography.

Art Valet: The big question is – what is the senior theses exhibition about and why are the students raising money?

Davis: “The senior exhibit is a collective of our individual thesis projects from our senior year. Each year the senior BFA class has an exhibition at a local gallery. It helps us establish ourselves as emerging artists within the community; and prepares us for life after graduation. In order for us to have the senior exhibit, we need to fundraise for marketing, exhibit catalog, banners, opening night hors d’oeuvres and bar, and space for the gallery. ”

A V: What is your background in photography?

Davis: “I have practiced everything from digital media to alternative photographic processes. My previous work consisted of documentary photography dealing with the urban environment and gumoil portrait photography in Houston. Currently, my focus is on using lensless pinhole photography to depict the passage of time and its impact on climate change.

A V: Why photography for you?

Davis: “I have a strong urge to photograph current issues, from economic distress to climate change. As a photographer, I feel I can make a difference in the world by giving a voice to those who are unable to defend themselves or to be heard.

A V: Tell me about your photos in the exhibition.

Davis: “The title of my project is “Expose time”. This is part of a lensless photography pinhole project for the thesis exhibition. I use long exposure lensless pinhole camera techniques to explore the passage of time. This passage of time illustrates the impact of climate change. To convey this I use the environment, light sensitive photo paper that is up to 100 years old and the sun to communicate the consequences of climate change. Most of my pinholes are coffee cans.

A V: What are your plans after graduation?

Davis: “I’m taking a few months off to decompress. During this time, I will hike 120 miles solo on the Appalachian Trail to reflect on life and my college years. After my free time, I will apply to graduate school to get my MFA (Master of Fine Arts) and work as an artist/photographer.

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