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Attleboro Arts Museum’s Fall Artist Lineup Includes Collages, Mixed Media and Photography | Features

ATTLEBORO — The Attleboro Art Museum’s Community Gallery artists’ fall lineup will feature collage, mixed media and photography.

For more than a decade, the museum has offered the gallery space as an exhibition opportunity for up-and-coming and professional member artists. The museum has provided the following descriptions of upcoming artists and their work.

Artist of the Month for September, Marnie Jain of Lancaster

Jain has been working in the collage industry for over 10 years. In her series of works presented at the AAM, she presents inanimate objects as characters interacting with living beings. As the characters interact, the viewer has the opportunity to observe common themes such as curiosity and trust. That seemingly opposite beings have a meaningful encounter is consistent with the artist’s vision and experience of how everything is connected and how we seek connection.

“Imagination is the greatest tool. Scissors and glue are simple accomplices,” says Jain, a self-taught artist who has supplemented her artistic development with lessons and classes at colleges and adult education programs. over the years.

Artist of the Month for October, Margo Lemieux of Mansfield

Lemieux’s “Mist/Missed” series is based on often overlooked but evocative scenes of ordinary neighborhoods as they are altered by the atmosphere. Every moment of the day has a unique reaction to mist and fog. Sounds, such as the nearby highway and train station, are muffled and moisture reflects off surfaces.

“My goal was to capture snippets of life that might be missed because they don’t stand out as meaningful,” says Lemieux. “I hope art reminds you that you can find meaning in even the most prosaic places.”

Lemieux holds a BFA in Painting from Boston University, an MFA from UMass Dartmouth in Printmaking, and an M.Ed. integrated arts. She has worked as a graphic designer, writer of children’s books, illustrator, printmaker, among others. She has presented workshops at the AAM, the Fuller Craft Museum, the Cone Craft Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Hang Do Studio in Hanoi, Vietnam, and Lake Mead National Park. Recently, she retired as Professor Emeritus of the Department of Art and Graphic Design at Lasell University.

Artist of the Month for November, Donna Parker of Milton

Parker has been seriously involved in photography for over 30 years and recently branched out into contemplative photography. She used color, light and shapes, with an emphasis on minimalism, so viewers could interpret the images on a personal level.

“I particularly enjoy the beauty of photographing flowers and landscapes and have spent over 10 years photographing lotus flowers in particular,” Parker says. “I feel a special joy in seeing the intrinsic beauty of lotus flowers as they progress through their unique life cycle. I have become more aware of frequent changes in the environment, including nuances of movement and shifts in light that can result in interesting leaf and flower shapes.

Parker has taken several photography courses at the Rhode Island School of Design and numerous photography workshops and seminars. She has taught several photography courses, including Basic Photography, Contemplative Photography, and Impressionist Photography. His photographs have appeared in a number of art galleries across New England as well as art galleries in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Over the past three years, several of his images have appeared in The Black and White Magazine.