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Automated Product Photography System Gives Manufacturers and Retailers an Edge During Tough Economic Times

Selecting and executing a visual merchandising strategy for manufacturers and retailers in today’s competitive, modern furniture industry is critical to success in normal times; even more so during times of uncertain economic outlook.

High quality product photography is a must for any business involved in the furniture industry. Without product photos that give buyers or customers an idea of ​​the look and feel of the product from all angles, sellers cannot promote new lines to their retail partners, and retailers cannot stand out from the competition to attract the attention of consumers.

Opening platformwhich was launched in late 2021, has established itself as the new benchmark in affordable and scalable product photography, accessible to any business wishing to take control of their brand image.

With the vision to help every company in the furniture industry improve their visual merchandising to drive business success, Outward Inc. has spent the past 10 years perfecting the technology behind Aperture Platform. Aperture is the world’s first and only automated, self-service product photography studio and is used by many of the home furnishings industry’s top 100 manufacturers and retailers.

Aperture Platform transforms product photography into a competitive advantage and business differentiator, enabling teams to take advantage of the time savings and volume of content that can be created with Aperture compared to standard photography workflows.

“To capture product images before, depending on editing needs, it could take weeks from initial shot to finished product. Now we can go from photo shoot to publication in less than a day. with easy-to-use software and technology from Aperture. -Kim Fuller, Marketing Manager, Selden’s Designer Home Furnishings

Outward Inc Opening Platform

Actual Aperture Platform Output Image

Aperture Platform brings product photography into the 21st century with a fully automated photo studio

The Aperture Platform Photo Studio (also called Capture Rig) uses modern artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology to automate the typical time-consuming process of product photography. This gives any business the ability to photograph a full range of products and produce a wide range of image types for modern distribution, retail or e-commerce needs, at a fraction of the time and cost. a traditional photographer and a studio setup.

In addition to physical photo studio hardware, Aperture is controlled by easy-to-use web-based software that automates tedious image capture and post-production editing tasks, such as silhouette masking, lighting, shadows and creating composites with background. environments.


Backgrounds, lighting and shadows can be infinitely adjusted without reshooting

Someone using the Aperture Platform simply places the piece of furniture to be photographed in the capture rig, selects the appropriate model for the desired angle and type of piece of furniture, and clicks “go”. Opening does the rest. After 1 minute, you are presented with a market-ready image with the desired light and shadow pattern. That’s it, no complex workflows or post-production editing issues. Users still retain full creative flexibility to adjust lighting direction and shadow strength without having to reshoot.

The Aperture Platform photo studio is so simple to use that any employee can be quickly trained in using Aperture and producing an impressive range of visual merchandising content for PIM systems, catalogs, e-commerce, marketing campaigns, etc

Aperture Platform customers such as Phillips Collection in High Point, NC have embraced the technology to help increase product speed to market and improve their overall visual merchandising workflow. Aperture has reduced the price of producing images from The Phillips Collection by up to 90%.

“While most furniture companies spend between $200 and $500 for a single product photo, the Aperture platform costs less than $10 per photo after all,” said Jason Phillips, vice president of sales at Phillips Collection. “Another plus is that it shoots in 20 different lighting settings, so afterwards I can make the shadows look sharper or less distinct.”

“While most furniture companies spend between $200 and $500 for a single product photo, Aperture Platform costs less than $10 per photo after all,” he added. -Jason Phillips, Vice President of Sales, Phillips Collection

Outward Phillips Collection

Aperture platform used at the Phillips Collection

Visual merchandising meets visual processing for the furniture industry

Outward was founded in 2012 by Silicon Valley semiconductor and visual processing veterans Clarence Chui and Gaurav Sethi, after selling previous companies to Qualcomm and Nvidia. With their new venture into Outward, Clarence and Gaurav set out to use their knowledge gained in visual processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform the way product photography and imaging is done in the furniture industry.

The industry took notice of what Clarence, Gaurav and the team at Outward were developing, and in 2017 the company was purchased by Williams-Sonoma. With this partnership in place, Clarence and Gaurav were in a unique position to leverage Williams-Sonoma’s knowledge as the largest digital-focused home retailer, while continuing to incubate new industry-leading technologies. furnishings.

Aperture Platform was born out of a desire to continue innovating new technologies that can fundamentally transform the industry and improve time-consuming but necessary daily tasks for businesses of all sizes. Outward continues to operate under the leadership of Clarence and Gaurav with the belief that products like the Aperture Platform will change the market in very positive ways for anyone who produces or uses product photography in their business.

High-quality product photography is a win for manufacturers and retailers of all sizes

Product photography can help you stand out from the competition, establish a brand presence in the market, increase the speed of new product creation from conception to sale, and give consumers the information they need to make an informed purchase decision before even entering the store.

But not all photographs are equal. Product images from a mobile phone no longer make the cut, 3D assets can be time-consuming and expensive to create, and time spent in the studio keeps increasing.

Schedule a Demo of the Aperture Platform Today and find out how you can take control of your own product photography and creative process to drive business results.