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Award-winning artist presents international photographic exhibition at 1904 | Features

Sarina Rowley Roth, award-winning artist and owner of Never the Rock Photography, recently presented an international photography exhibition at 1904. Her images featured a variety of media including canvas, acrylic and metal prints with scenes from Africa, Africa Italy and the Galápagos Islands. and more. The exhibition was open from March 23 to 30. The screening and the meeting with the artist were open to the public free of charge and small private groups were also welcome.

Roth grew up in small town South Carolina and moved to Atlanta at age 18 where she began her career in marketing and advertising. After 13 years, she retired from advertising starting her new career as a master gardener. As a fun job, she enjoyed working as a manager at Outdoor Environments.

“I love flowers, plants and the outdoors,” Roth said. “That’s when I bought a good camera and got serious about capturing all the various flowers and plants and seeing how beautiful they looked. “Landscaping, you begin to notice contrasting colors, shapes, and sizes of leaves. You begin to look at nature a little differently. Like photography, landscaping is also an art form.

Although her love of nature’s beauty and seeing its landscape designs come together inspired her next career as a professional photographer, she believes photography imprinted on her much earlier in her life.

“Growing up, my family and I made annual trips to Marlton, New Jersey, to visit my grandparents. After my grandfather retired from the Marine Corps, he traveled to many parts of the world with my grandmother. He would share in slideshows his photographs of their travels after each of their epic journeys,” she said. “I think that contributed to my love of photography because I started to see through his eye how the camera can capture certain angles.”

In 2001 Roth moved to Braselton and in 2005 she opened Never the Rock Photography with a desire to give God the glory of His creation by sharing the beauty of the world around us. His main point is that all his gifts, passions and talents were given to him as a gift from God and should be used to glorify him as well as to serve, support and love others.

“As I studied the scriptures, I came across a significant story in the book of Luke, chapter 19. As Jesus rode a donkey through Jerusalem, the whole crowd of disciples began to praise God with joy in loud voices, and some Pharisees cried out for Him to rebuke His disciples for being so loud. Jesus answered them saying, “If these were silent, the rocks would cry out in their place.

This verse prompted Roth to name his company “Never the Rock Photography” with the tagline “Let the rocks never cry out for me”.

Roth’s business has evolved rapidly over the past 17 years. She started by offering a range of blank notecards with nature scenes and soon began receiving calls from the community for family and animal portraits. Since then, she has served families, corporations, businesses, authors, real estate professionals, musicians, actors, celebrities and political figures. She has worked for numerous magazines and has published 33 magazine covers and over 150 background photographs. She has won numerous awards and been internationally recognized for her photography. Some of her images have been recognized by Africa Geographic, Natural National Geographic Photo of the Day, Women in Photography Only, and WWF and Natural Habitat Adventures. She has two images on file at the Library of Congress and another has been admitted to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology library.

In 2016, she and her husband Michael had a motorbike accident, injuring her wrist and affecting her ability to do several things she loves…most importantly, using her camera and playing the guitar. After two surgeries and several years of therapy and recovery, she’s finally back to doing what she loves, despite her limitations. Roth has mentioned that she enjoys working with magazines and on commissioned work because she can pause between shots to relax her wrist.

In 2019, the self-taught photographer began her next adventure, organizing bespoke international photography tours to places such as Africa, the Galápagos Islands, Belize, Portugal, Bolivia and Iceland, with plans to add many more places to the list. On each of his personalized trips, Roth makes sure to keep his groups small with just six to seven guests to accommodate everyone’s needs and interests and ensure equal assistance to all.

“The goal is to make travel relaxing and fun,” she said. “Everyone has a different skill level, a different lens and different equipment, whether it’s an iPad, a cell phone, a point-and-shoot or a professional camera.”

With a pause in travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Roth is currently scheduling private exhibitions and screenings, offering public lectures, and offering private or group photography clinics and classes for all ages and all ages. skill levels.

“I’m so blessed to do what I love and I’m so grateful for the opportunities the Lord has given me. I pray daily to glorify him in my work, with my business, and in every part of my life,” Roth said.

To follow Roth’s work and watch his photography destination videos on YouTube, search “Never the Rock Photography”.

Personalized prints and gifts of almost all of his work can also be created from images in his website galleries, Facebook and YouTube videos. To request an impression of a YouTube video image, send them an email with a timestamp of that specific image.

“Only a select few are limited editions,” Roth said.

For more information and to follow Roth’s work on social media, visit Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. His website is For inquiries and orders, email [email protected]