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Beer Crafted for Colorado Brewers Guild’s Collaborative Festival Incorporates Photography, Brewing and a Taste of History

COLORADO- The ambiance of a brewery can never be underestimated in creating an environment conducive to craft beer. In the case of Wynkoop Brewing Company, curated exhibits would be set up on the second floor to provide variety, lit mostly by billiard lights and the euphoria of inebriation. The final exhibit commissioned was a tin-like photograph of local craft brewers, including but not limited to James Howat of Black Project Spontaneous and Wild Ales, Tim Myers of Strange Craft Beer Co, and Danny Wang of CAUTION: Brewing. For an exhibition that had to be renewed regularly, 2014 seems a long way off…

The tradition of how or why this portrait was created has been lost, as employees are now slightly confused as to why there is a giant framed photo of a guy. With no artist name or subject associated with it, the portrait seems a forgotten relic, a tribute to a world and a brewery that no longer exist.

Except that the brewer always does! Danny Wang, co-founder of Fermly, a Denver-based beer quality lab, is still a frequent visitor to Wynkoop Brewing. Discovering the mystery portrait subject is always greeted with amusement, but on Day of Darkness, one of Wynkoop’s most beloved beer events, the pinch of an idea began for a beer on Mirror Image’s Nocturnal Black DIPA Brewing.

So began the story of “Forgotten Portrait”, a malt liqueur with tangerines and kumquats, brewed by sister breweries Wynkoop Brewing Co. and Phantom Canyon Brewing Co., GABF medalist Mirror Image Brewing, and Fermly.

Inspired by the medium of art and the history of beer, this particular collaboration for the Colorado Brewers Guild’s Collaboration Fest is more than just a prank between brewing friends. Tintype photography was most widely used in the 1860s and 1870s, but remained a novelty over the next century. Not causally, but amusingly, beer drinking doubled in popularity from 1860 to 1870 over the previous decade. Malt liquor became much more popular due to the low cost as well as the increase in the immigrant population (German and Irish) who had different tastes.

Malt liquor, in more modern times, has gained another well-known kind of respect from paper bags and tape. “Edward Fortyhands” sounded like a good idea last night, right? Well, Collab Fest attendees, get ready for “Edward Tasterhands!” This malt liquor oscillates at 9.32% with a tropical citrus vibe that echoes tough college experiences that result in even more awkward mornings. Clearly not some sober concept dreamed up by Theresa and Steve Schirner of Mirror Image Brewing, Charles McManus of Phantom Canyon, Todd Bellmyer of Wynkoop, and Danny and Emily Wang of Fermly, this beer will help you forget more things than that blurry selfie the The next morning.

“Forgotten Portrait” will be poured April 2 at Collaboration Fest, taking place at the Fillmore Auditorium, as well as available on tap at Mirror Image Brewing’s Frederick Bar.

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