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Bullet and love of photography, marriage with 6th youth pass; Finally the head of PNB shocked everyone! WAALI News

Jaipur, October 3: Everyone will be shocked to see the note next to the corpse of Surbhi Kumawat from Jaipur. When police investigated the case, it was revealed that it was Surbhi Kumawat, Marketing Director of Mahila National Bank. The woman committed suicide by hanging herself from the ventilator. Surbhi’s husband, Sahid Ali, called the police at 7.30am on Sunday and told them that Surbhi had committed suicide. By the time the police arrived, he had lowered Surbhi from the rope attached to the fan. After interviewing relatives, police said Surbhi got married in 2016. She had a love marriage with Sahid Ali. This marriage was made against the family. Surabhi and Sahid got married in 2016 at an Arya Samaj temple in Ghaziabad. While Sahid is a 6th smuggler, Surbhi recently bought an apartment at Unique Sapphire in Kesar Chowk on Muhana Mandi. Surabhi along with her husband and daughter had been living in this apartment since June 11, 2022. Surbhi used to work as a marketing manager in Nehru Palace branch of Punjab National Bank. Marriage, threat, anger and end of the world; In 48 hours the cycle turned and Kavita lost her life
What was written in that note?
Nobody understands me. Everyone is trying to use me. I just want to be happy and I don’t want to hurt anyone. My husband also gets angry with me, he threatens to leave me. I am being used for selfish purposes. I leave everything. I feel bad for my daughter. I can’t take care of her anymore. Surbhi’s family express outrage after reading this note.

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