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California ophthalmologist now uses macro photography feature on iPhone 13 Max to show patients healing progress after surgery

A San Diego doctor by the name of Tommy Korn is an ophthalmologist who believes in innovations in digital health. His specialty is cataract surgery and lens implants; external corneal eye disease and geriatric eye disease. Her LinkedIn biography states in part, “I empower my patients by combining technology with human empathy to improve eyesight by creating frictionless healthcare experiences. His latest experiment with technology for patients uses the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s macro camera function.

Dr Korn provided a series of photos shown below. He noted, “I used the iPhone 13 Pro Max for MACRO eye photos this week. Impressed. Will innovate in eye care and telemedicine for patients. Photos below are from Healing abrasion resolved during corneal transplant. Permission was obtained to use photos. “

Dr. Korn is no stranger to Apple devices because his Twitter site has many entries on Apple Watch. An entry promotes an application by its company Sharp health care.

Nice PR job, nice take for the new iPhone 13 macro photography feature for photos and videos. Apple Marketing Says: “With its redesigned lens and powerful autofocus system, the new Ultra Wide Camera can focus at just 2cm, making every detail epic.”

Although there are more important analyzes like retinal imaging and deep diabetic scan eye health of patients, iPhone 13 eye or eye macro shot can help the patient to see the healing process taking place after lens surgery.

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