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Celebrating 500 Years of Florida Cowboys Through Photography

Did you know Florida is the ORIGINAL HOME of the American cowboy?

In honor of 2021 being Florida’s 500th year being the 1st Cowboy State, photographer Michelle Tricca presents an exhibition of larger-than-life photographs in a spacious 3,500 square foot venue at the Mercato de Naples.

Photographed locally, depicting working life on a breeding ranch based in Immokalee, the work aims to shed light on this iconic Florida way of life based on historical roots.

It’s amazing how many people, both newbies and longtime Florida residents, have no idea such a way of life exists in our state.

Opening next week, the show is open to the public and will challenge the misnomer ascribing cowboy culture to the West.

All proceeds from print sales will go to the Immokalee community, benefiting The Face Of Immokalee humanitarian mural project.