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Creator Economy Grows 119% in Two Years, Adobe Report Shows

Adobe released a report on “The Future of Creativity”. The brand behind Photoshop and Lightroom has discovered that over 165 million creators have joined the global creator economy in the past two years.

The study finds that the creator economy – the economy that empowers people who monetize their content, goods and services online by leveraging their own creativity, talents and passions – has grown more from 165 million creators over the past two years to reach 303 million creators worldwide. Additionally, the study finds that the creator economy continues to grow and is reshaping all aspects of culture and society, from the future of work to social causes to mental health.

“The unprecedented growth of the creator economy provides a platform for everyone to be a creator. Individuals, individual entrepreneurs, small business owners and content creators can now express themselves and explore creative and artistic pursuits in new ways,” said Scott Belsky, Chief Product Officer and Executive Vice President, Adobe Creative Cloud. “Increasingly, creators of all backgrounds are turning their creative inspirations and passions into new careers and businesses. supported by Adobe’s creative tools.

One in four people are creators who contribute photography, videography, creative writing and more to online spaces, including social media platforms and blogs, according to the report. Of these people, millennials make up 42% of the creator economy. Surprisingly, Gen Z only makes up 14%. This goes against the concept that Gen Z are constantly glued to their phones. However, the age of Gen Z ranges from 10 to 24 years old. I don’t know many 10 year olds who monetize their content without adult supervision.


One of the positives of the Economy creator is that it has unlocked a different and more flexible way of working. This is something we will see a lot more of in the future. People no longer accept poor working conditions, low wages and lack of self-esteem. Adobe has found that while creating content remains a secondary activity for most, many creators aspire to do more.

In fact, 17% of creators are business owners, while 39% aspire to one day become a business owner. For the majority of creators, however, creating is a hobby or a side hustle. Six out of 10 creators have a full-time “day” job.

The other interesting aspect of the report is that creators who spend the most time creating content and publishing online report the most positive moods and happiness levels. Could it be that creative pursuits and the arts in general make people happy? In fact, the majority of respondents would still create content even without financial compensation.

Adobe’s customer base consists largely of content creators of all genres, whether professional or hobbyist. The increase in the number of people creating content is good news for them. The insights gathered from this survey will help Adobe better address unique customer issues, especially in a post-pandemic digital world.