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Deadly Fungus Attacking Fly Wins BMC Ecology and Evolution Photography Awards & More Latest News Here

The winners of BMC Ecology and Evolution photography competitions have just been announced. This year’s contest served up a spectacular collection of images that capture nature in action, as well as the effects climate change is having on animals around the world.

The competition attracted entries from ecologists and evolutionary biologists around the world eager to show off their creativity. BMC Ecology and Evolution invited anyone affiliated with a research institution to apply in one of four categories: “Relationships in Nature”, “Biodiversity Under Threat”, “Life Close Up” and “Research in Action”. “.

The big winner captures a scene reminiscent of a sci-fi movie. A parasitic fungus springs from the body of a dead fly. Roberto García-Roa, an evolutionary biologist and conservation photographer affiliated with the University of Valencia (Spain) and the University of Lund (Sweden), captured this disturbing image in the Peruvian jungle of Tambopata.

Overall winner

The fruiting body of a parasitic fungus springs from the body of its victim, in this case a dead fly in the Peruvian Amazon. Photo by Roberto García-Roa

Biodiversity under threat – winner

African elephants take shelter under a baobab tree as drought hits South Africa’s Mapungubwe National Park. On the tree you can see marks where the elephants barked to look for water. Photo by Samantha Kreling

Close-Up on Life – Finalist

Water anoles (Anolis aquaticus) use a clever trick to dive underwater for long periods of time. They inhale and exhale from a bubble of air that clings to their snout, allowing them to stay submerged for nearly 20 minutes. The oxygen in this bubble is depleted during scuba diving, which probably helps water anoles stay underwater for such a long time. Photo by Lindsey Swierk

Research in action – winner

tadpole study scientists

Researchers are studying the effect of isolated trees and land use on how tadpoles ingest and excrete nutrients. The image was taken during a storm amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo by Jefferson Ribeiro Amaral

Close-up on life – winner

The slippery tree frog ( Agalychnis spurrelli) siblings at an early stage of development in their eggs. The bodies of the embryos are clearly visible and distinct from their large green yolks and transparent external gills. This image also captures the details of the individual pigment cells and yolk veins, which become apparent on the upper surfaces of the bodies and yolk of the embryos. Photo by Brandon A Güell

Biodiversity under threat – finalist

Wood frogs (Rana sylvatica) breed in early spring in temperate North America and congregate in vernal pools soon after the ice melts to mate and produce egg masses. Lately, wood frogs are breeding earlier in the year as climate change has made spring unusually warm. Unfortunately, winter storms can still unexpectedly catch frogs and trap them under the ice. Here, a male wood frog clings to an egg mass produced before a freeze. The frog survived, but not many eggs. Photo by Lindsey Swierk

More pictures of Scientific orientation Magazine:

Research in action – finalist

hovering tree frog

The photo captures Brandon A Güell, a PhD student, in the midst of thousands of soaring tree frogs (Agalychnis spurrelli), and their newly laid eggs on palm fronds. This image was taken in a lowland rainforest pond on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. Photo by Brandon A Güell

Relationships in nature – winner

berry waxwing

Bohemian waxwings (Bombycilla garrulus), like this individual pictured in Finland, have a close relationship with mountain ash trees because of their love for the berries the tree produces. This love of berries is so strong that the waxwing will migrate for miles to gain access to its favorite food. Photo by Alwin Hardenbol

Relationships in Nature – Finalist

A bat captures and eats a frog

A male tungara frog (Physalalamus pustulosus) makes a tasty meal for a hungry fringe-lipped bat (Trachops cirrhosis). The bat hunts the frog by sensing and locating the frog by listening to its mating call. The hearing of these bats has adapted to hear the low-frequency mating calls of frogs, and the bat’s salivary glands can neutralize toxins in the skin of poisonous frog prey. Photo by Alexander T. Baugh

Deadly Fungus Attacking Fly Wins BMC Ecology and Evolution Photography Awards & Latest News Update

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Deadly Fungus Attacking Fly Wins BMC Ecology and Evolution Photography Awards & More Live News

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Deadly Fungus Attacking Fly Wins BMC Ecology and Evolution Photography Awards & More News Today

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