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Delta and Adobe launch various trips stock photography

Traveling across continents and around the world provides an opportunity for people from different cultures and backgrounds to meet. However, the images around the hobby do not always accurately reflect the diversity of globetrotters. That sparked a new partnership between Delta and Adobe, “Faces of Travel,” a collection of photos and films designed to increase the visibility of underrepresented groups in travel media.

Created with Kin agency and Mexican-Korean photographer Seo Ju Park, the collection is free and part of the Adobe Stock collection, which has 3 million users.

“Faces of Travel has been designed to better reflect the diversity of customers we see on our aircraft every day and ensure they feel seen and heard in the broader travel culture,” added Shannon Womack, Chief Marketing Officer of Delta’s lifecycle, in a statement. “The importance of this initiative goes beyond Delta, and we want to encourage others to take part in this movement because we know it will take all of us to truly reflect the faces of travel.”

According to Kwame Taylor-Hayford, co-founder of Kin, what sparked the idea for the collection was his team’s struggles when developing a DEI campaign with Delta. “We were struggling to find great visuals of diverse people traveling to showcase our ideas,” he told Ad Age. “So we felt it was their responsibility as a leader in the space to fix it. It’s a generous act of branding to inspire change in the industry.

Delta joins other groups and individuals who have sought to bring diversity to stock footage. Director and photographer Joshua Kissi, for example, teamed up with Karen Okonkwo a few years ago to launch TONL, a collection of varied and top quality stock photos. Influence management agency Shade was also behind Layer, a collection of photos of people of color. The “Why” section of the Nappy site notes: “If you were to type the word ‘coffee’ on [stock photo site] Without splashing, you would rarely see a cup of coffee held by black or brown hands. “It’s the same result if you type in terms like ‘computer’ or ‘travel’. But black and brown people also drink coffee, we use computers and we certainly like to travel.

Image of two women from diverse photo collection

Delta’s initiative includes a host of other activities, including influencer activations and partnerships with media brands such as Vice and Meredith. Last year, Delta also partnered with the Atlanta Global Research and Education Collaborative (AGREC) to form the “Keep Climbing: Navigating Global Spaces with Black and Brown Faces” program. The airline is working with six Georgia-based colleges to expose more students of color to study abroad programs and increase the percentage of black students traveling abroad.

Lakeside image from Delta's diverse