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Duke’s Photography, a well-known photo studio in Phoenix, holds the final sale as it leaves its current location

On January 28, famed photo studio Duke’s Photography held a final sale at its iconic downtown Phoenix location.

We’ve covered ongoing developments regarding the future of the Duke Photography studio. In 2021, It has been reported the owner of the photography studio has sold the building near 7th Avenue and Thomas Road, and that the building is about to be demolished.

Future plans for the site have sparked some controversy among area residents, as paperwork has been filed with the city for a Raising Cane restaurant.

For some, a trip down memory lane

The sale included the return of the photos they had exhibited. Family portraits, school photos and even wedding albums are scattered around the photography studio.

“We’ve had pictures of people hanging in the studio for years,” said Darcy Carter, operating partner of Duke’s photography studio.

Throughout the day, people picked up the photos.

“About an hour after we went on the news this morning, a gentleman came downstairs and saw his picture on the news. He was sobbing,” Carter said.

The man told the owner of the photography studio that the company took a family photo in 2007, and just three years later the man’s wife died.

“He was sobbing because he had been looking for this photo for years,” Carter said.

Other people who recognized their family photos arrived.

“I can’t believe the timing for all of this,” said Renee Ko, who realized she might be picking up the frames at the studio for her kids’ school fundraiser.

“So many people want to hang up an artwork that their kids made and earn money for school because how many people can bid on it to get their kids’ artwork,” Ko said.

The owners say it was a special day for many visitors and they are grateful their photos had such an impact.

“It was so emotional. I’m really excited that we were able to bless it in this way a little token,” Carter said.

Duke Photography will operate at a different location.

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