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Egyptian Amina Kadous nominated for the international photography prize

The Egyptian Amina Kadous is one of the eight photographers nominated for the 6th edition of the Madame Figaro Arles Photo Prize during the “Les Rencontres de la Photographie à Arles” Festival.

The festival takes place every year in the city of Arles, in the south of France.

This year, the festival will feature 40 photography exhibitions showcasing photos captured by prominent names in the field.

Born in 1991, Kadous studied in Boston in the United States. Her photographs explore the concepts of memory and experience.

According to the contest brochure, Amina believes that “nothing lasts. Experiences, things and moments of the physical world.

Kadous had previously exhibited his works in London, Paris, Bamako and Boston.

During the 12th Bamako Photography Biennial, Kadous exhibited a photograph, entitled “Memory Crack”, for which she won the “Centre Soleil d’Afrique Prize”.

Commenting on the award, she said: “The seeds of my identity are planted in the city of Mahala [her hometown in Egypt]”.

Known as the homeland of Egyptian cotton, Mahala is depicted by Kadous in a collection of photographs titled “White Gold”. Photography competing in Arles is selected from this collection.