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Equality is Here Photography Exhibition at Metro Istanbul

Equality is Here Photography Exhibition at Metro Istanbul

Metro Istanbul, one of the branches of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), brings Istanbulites together with the ‘Equality is Here’ photography exhibition, which features 62 employees through the lens of general manager Özgür Soy .

Operating in rail systems, which is a male-dominated sector worldwide, Turkey’s largest urban rail system operator, Metro Istanbul, has been leading a movement of change and transformation since 2019 with the aim of equal representation and equality of women at every stage of social life.

Aiming to ensure the participation of men in efforts to achieve the goal of achieving gender equality, Metro Istanbul brings together Istanbulites with the photography exhibition “Equality is Here”, which consists of photographs of male and female employees. The exhibition, which consists of 62 places with the participation of 27 people, including employees who have innovated in the Istanbul metro and their teammates with whom they work hand in hand, can be visited at Mecidiyeköy station until at the end of April, via the lens of general manager Özgür Soy.

Director General Özgür Soy, who stepped behind the camera for the second time this year supporting gender equality, said: “Just as the widespread use of the metro in a city is an indicator of development, the high rate participation of women in business life is one of the most important values ​​that show the level of development of a country. We know that achieving an economically and socially healthy society is only possible if men and women walk together. In this context, we inspire society with the movement of change and transformation that we launched based on the saying of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk: “The society that leaves women aside is doomed to be left behind”.


We are committed to providing women with equal opportunities on the career ladder. Since 2019, the rate of female employees in the Istanbul metro has increased from 8% to 11%. Of course, we do not find this ratio sufficient. Our objective is to increase our rate of feminization to 25% in the short term, and then to equalize it. We still have a long way to go, but for example, while the rate of women in technical and operational positions in public transport in European Union countries is less than 10%, 17.97% of engineers in the Istanbul metro are women. When we look at the recruitments we have made over the past 2 years, we see that more than 50% of them are women. For example; For the first time in the 33-year history of our company, female station managers have taken up their positions. While the rate of women applying to our ads was 2019% out of 7, this rate increased to 2021% out of 24.


Stating that the number of female train drivers, which stood at 8 in 2019, increased to 143 in 2022, Özgür Soy said, “2% of train drivers hired in the last 67.83 years are women. Moreover, women have had great success in entering all fields of endeavor which were previously viewed with prejudice and which were said to be impossible for them. In this process, women have been promoted more, more women have started in leadership and management positions, in our senior management. 2020 percent of women working in our company since 12.46 have been promoted. All promotions and recruitments in our company are based on expertise and merit, we believe that no job has sex, but you can be an expert. Today, the women of the metro who occupy different positions inspire all women.


Emphasizing that companies must broaden their horizons so that women are equal not only on paper but also in minds, Özgür Soy said: “This year we have decisively made a difference in the face of gender stereotypes and brought our employees men and women together in the squares we call ‘Equality is here’. This exhibition is actually a reflection of the perspectives of Istanbul Metro employees, who work side by side 365 days a year, with each other in the photographic frames. We received applications from volunteers at all levels of our company to participate in the filming. This is an indication that we have started the transformation on gender equality within the company. We believe that women and men can only be freed from their constraining social roles when they stand side by side. With this conviction, we will continue our work with the aim of leaving future generations a happy and prosperous world, where no role or social perception will prevent equality. I would like to thank all of my colleagues who bravely posed for the lens to take this approach and be part of it.

Position Women MEN Total female ratio
Number of Istanbul Metro Employees 313 2574 2887 Percentage 11
station supervisor 13 247 260 Percentage 5.00
office staff 79 214 293 Percentage 26.96
Train conductor 143 655 798 Percentage 17.92
Engineer 55 251 306 Percentage 17.97