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FMU graduate Haley Andersen determined to be successful in photography | Local news

She recently acquired a storefront in downtown Turbeville that she will use as a photography studio. The studio will soon serve as the home of the company and is the next step in realizing his vision for H&M photography.

The passion and dedication Andersen brings to his career as a photographer is reflected in his work, capturing client milestones as well as the joys of just being together. Andersen’s accomplishments during his time at FMU are the culmination of his hard work and drive to create a fulfilling family-centered career.

The name H&M Photography has a double meaning. H and M represent Haley and her mother, Michelle, who introduced Haley to the industry and honed her photography skills. The name is also in memory of his cousin Hunter and Aunt Michele.

In 2016, Andersen lost his 12-year-old cousin in an ATV accident. In 2020, Andersen also lost his aunt and Hunter’s mother, Michele. This loss motivates her passion for capturing precious moments in her photography.

“In April, Hunter and I went to the fair, did rides and took a selfie together,” Andersen said. “We didn’t know that two days later he would be in a four-wheeler accident and die at just 12 years old. So, I was the last person to take a photo with him. And for a while it really touched me, because without this photo that I took with him, I wouldn’t have had that last memory of him. That’s why I like to take pictures. I love to capture memories that you wouldn’t think you needed until the memory is already gone.