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Galaxy S23 Ultra night photography is going to be on

It has been reported many times now that the next Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra the device will include one of the company’s new 200-megapixel camera sensors. No, that doesn’t mean every photo you take will be massive and take up 500MB of storage (unless you want to), but it does mean the ability to boost light and improve detail capture will be there. When it comes to camera sensors, bigger is usually always better.

According to the well-known Samsung leaker @UniverseIce, night photography and night video recording of the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be helped exponentially thanks to this new sensor. As they tweeted, “This is the biggest upgrade to Samsung’s flagship mobile phone in five years.”

If that doesn’t excite you a bit, you might want to check your pulse. Samsung’s mobile cameras have only gotten better over the years, and if that 200MP sensor is as important as people say, then I’m really excited to give it a try. By developing this, I will be sure to test it immediately with Samsung new Astrophoto mode which was announced earlier this week.

Bring better night photography in general. 📷

// @UniverseIce [2]