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Hobbyists, Phones Threaten Our Jobs – Photographers

In commemoration of World Photography Day 2021, more than 500 professional photographers under the umbrella of the Association of Professional Photographers of Kaduna State (APPKS) have declared that amateur photography and the use of Android phones constitute a serious threat to their profession.

The president of the association, Ambassador Jimoh Otaru Kabiru, said so during an interview with journalists in Kaduna.

“We have amateur photographers who are threats to us, they are not registered members, they are always the opposite even within the executive. These are threats to us but we are not fighting them.

“We’re trying to see how we can get them to work as colleagues and speak with one voice so that strangers respect us.

“We’re not saying they shouldn’t do the job, but that there is a uniform price. Some of them don’t really know what photography is, when we get together we can do more, ”he said.

He urged photographers not to view Android phones as threats, but to be in the spirit of photography.

He said; “Some Android phones can take good photos, but they’re not designed for that because I can’t even imagine someone using a phone to cover their daughter’s wedding.”

Board Chairman (BoT) BM Auta called on members to love their jobs, saying no job pays more than photography.

Represented by the secretary, Mr. Abiodun Komolafe, he also called on the members to respect each other.