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How I got a photography agent

If like me, you’ve always wanted to be a commercial photographer, then having a good agent is a very important part of that. However, there are far more photographers than agents, so how do you get one?

When I started in photography, I had no idea that photographers either had an agent or an in-house marketing team and producer. I assumed we did everything ourselves. It quickly became apparent that there was no way I could wander into every ad agency to show my book, host events, send e-shots, quote work, create treatments, and produce shoots. So I started looking for a photography agent, because I heard that was the missing piece of my puzzle.

What happened next is probably similar to your own experience if you tried. I started by emailing everyone, no response. Tried to phone, but never got past reception. Then finally I tried to send physical media, but I never heard anything back. That was pretty much how things went until I found my first agent a few years ago, but it took another 5 years before I managed to sign with a top agent.

In this video I go over the exact portfolio I sent, what was said, how I found the right agent and why I decided to sign with them. Just like the buses, after being unlucky for ages, I suddenly had 5 people all at once, which was almost as tricky as finding the first one!

I hope what I learned will help guide you in the right direction.