Photography plan

How to cancel Photoshop, Lightroom or Photography Plan subscriptions

Many Adobe Photography Plan subscribers are shocked when they try to leave: cancellation fees! What is happening, why is it happening and what can you do about it?

We think Adobe’s subscription plans are exceptional value compared to what you had to pay for a traditional “perpetual” license. However, if you decide to cancel your Adobe subscription, you may be in for a nasty surprise: a cancellation fee.

It depends on the Adobe plan you choose, and there are three types:

• MONTHLY PLAN: With a monthly plan, you literally pay one month at a time. If you decide you don’t need the app or plan, you can cancel and you won’t have to make any further payments. Your access will continue until the end of the month you paid for and there will be no cancellation fees. But not all Adobe plans are available in this form, and those that are will cost more, month by month. For example, Photoshop will cost $31.49 per month on this basis, compared to $20.99 for an annual plan, paid monthly.

• ANNUAL PLAN, PAID MONTHLY it is the base of everything Adobe Photography Plans and is an option for everyone else. It saves you a lot of money – and Adobe’s photography plans really are amazing value, as you get Photoshop, Lightroom and more for just $9.99 a month – but you have to understand what you’re getting yourself into. embark. Even though you pay monthly, you sign up and commit for an entire year. If you wish to leave earlier, you must pay a cancellation fee equal to half of your remaining payments for that year.

• ANNUAL PACKAGE, PREPAID: These are pretty much the same as annual plans paid monthly, except you save a bit more by paying for the whole year up front – but there’s one serious condition. You can cancel if you wish, but you will not get any type of refund. You’ve prepaid for an entire year, and that’s it.

Adobe photography plans make using Photoshop really cheap – but know that you’re signing up for an entire year, even if you’re paying monthly. (Image credit: James Paterson)

It is not fair! Why do I have to pay cancellation fees to Adobe?

In fact, that’s probably right. When you insure a motor vehicle for a year and then decide to cancel part way through, you won’t get all your money back. When you sign up for Adobe Photography Plan, you agree to a one-year subscription, and again, you won’t get all of your remaining money back if you cancel.

You might say the option to pay monthly is a very welcome concession – except it tends to imply that you can leave at any time without penalty. Unfortunately, you cannot.

Adobe may be trying to do the right thing by asking you to commit for an entire year in exchange for a lower monthly payment, but that’s not necessarily clear enough.

How much does it cost to leave the photography plan early?

If you continue to subscribe year-round and don’t cancel, you pay the price on the box: $9.99/month, or $19.99 for the +1TB Photo plan. If you decide to cancel en route, the following cancellation fees apply (for a regular photography plan). As you will see, there is some wiggle room at the start and end of this period:

Adobe Photography Plan Early Termination Fee
Number of months in Cancellation fees
End of free trial $0
Up to 14 days $0
1 month $54.95
2 months $49.95
3 months $44.96
4 months $39.96
5 months $34.97
6 months $29.97
7 months $24.98
8 months $19.98
9 months $14.99
10 months $0
11 months $0
12 months $0

How do I cancel an Adobe subscription?

  1. Go to and login to your account
  2. To select Manage plan for the plan you wish to cancel
  3. To select Cancel your plan and follow the instructions
  4. You may be asked for a reason – be polite!

When is the best time to cancel?

The key points to remember are:

• Adobe photography plans are a one-year commitmenteven if you pay monthly.

• You will have to pay a 50% cancellation fee remaining payments if you leave early.

• There are two exceptions: (1) if you cancel within 14 days of the start of the subscription and (2) if you cancel after the 10th month.

– In short, cancel within 14 days of start or wait 10 months.

• What happens to my stuff when I cancel? You’ll be down to a basic “free” account with 20GB of storage to let you access all files stored in the cloud. You will no longer have access to Adobe applications.

When in doubt, ask for help!

At the bottom of the Change plan page (see the steps above), you will find a Start chat button for guidance in more complex situations such as changing, upgrading or swapping a plan.