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Influence economy gives photography and allied industries a boost

CHENNAI: The growth of the creator economy and the success of short video platforms during the pandemic gave the digital photography industry a head start that was being strained by smartphone cameras.
Camera brands have nearly doubled the demand for and sales of entry-level mirrorless cameras in the past 15 months.
Consumer tech analysts and influencer marketing firms TOI have said that hobbyist creators and vloggers who started using smartphones to produce content have used entry-level digital cameras (also known as digital cameras). mirrorless photo) to create and share content in a more professional way. They are also driving sales of tripods, portable microphones, ring lights, gimbals and other equipment that helps create a professional studio atmosphere at home.
FujiFilm has seen sales growth of over 200% for its entry-level camera line, including the XT-200 last year. “Wireless content sharing, tilting screen, aspect ratio settings to reduce post-production work and setting time limits are just some of the features that make it a choice among the creators of content, ”Arun Babu, Managing Director, EID & Optical Device Division, FujiFilm, mentioned. Travel and lifestyle vloggers and photographers were once a niche segment, but now they are one of the main customer categories and are growing, he added.
Manabu Yamazaki, president and chief executive officer of Canon India, said the company had recorded “double-digit growth rates” in its camera division. “Camera features like direct streaming to social media, IBIS (n-body image stabilization), and advanced autofocus have only allowed vloggers to go independent and shoot their videos,” did he declare.
Canon has a range of cameras with the EOS 200DMKII being a hit with content creators. Its main features include the ability to share content on any platform via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and an HDMI output for direct live streaming to YouTube.
Zhiyun India, a company that sells gimbals – a device that allows cameras to rotate smoothly to help film smooth moving footage – says it has seen demand and sales increase by nearly 200%. With an increase in direct streaming, the company also plans to release a small, sim-compatible display unit that creators can mount on their DSLRs for quick sharing.
“As creators gain popularity and want to improve the quality of their content, they turn to DSLR / mirrorless cameras, etc. founder and CEO of influencer marketing firm One Impression, said. During the pandemic, we have seen an increase in the indoor lighting market with ring lights, soft lights and over-the-top lamps used by influencers, he added.
Digitek, Simpex, and other photographic equipment companies have all expanded their product lines to include tripods, gimbals, ring lights, and other gear creators’ favorite gear. Industry players say that one can set up a good home studio in under Rs. 25,000 with the options and embark on a designer journey.