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Introducing the Business of Architecture Photography Series: New Video Courses from APAlmanac

If you’ve been a photographer for a while, you probably know that taking a good photo is pretty easy. But how do you get paid to take those photos in the first place? By far, the most common questions we receive here at the Almanac are business-related. What to charge, how to get a license, how to deal with infringements, how to market your services, etc.

That’s why we’re proud to release our first video course that focuses on the craft of architectural photography.

Since the Architectural Photography Almanac has existed, I’ve wanted to make it a resource for photographers from all walks of architectural photography – an industry that typically operated behind closed doors. I remember when I started how hard it was to get information and I swore to myself that if I ever succeeded in architectural photography, I would strive to change that.

I’ve spent nearly 15 years studying the photography business, and in that time I’ve gone from peeking through best business practices for photographers to running a successful architectural photography business commissioned all over the world to photograph some of the most high-end homes and developments on the planet.

But I didn’t want it to be just a video bragging about how you should act when trying to land a job photographing absurd mansions in Bel Air, so I enlisted the help of a photographer from architecture based in Kansas City. Matthew Anderson give a counterpoint to the video. Matthew has made a name for himself with his professional self-made videos (many of which we’ve shared here on APA) which have had a profound effect on the number of photographers tackling copyright, licensing and business.

Matthew operates in a small to medium sized market where he has had to learn to apply ‘big market’ trading techniques to his own scale. The contrasts between big-market and small-market approaches are not as wide as one might think, and both sides of the coin are presented with equal weight throughout the tutorial series.

About Videos

We explore six topics in this series, resulting in seven videos (Pricing Your Architectural Photography consists of two videos), which can be purchased individually or as a bundle. Click on each link to explore more of what each video has to offer and watch excerpts from each.

Pricing for your architectural photography

Goes into detail on how to arrive at a fair price for your architectural photography. Comparisons of small, medium and large markets, as well as the value of your work are discussed. A second video is included, dealing with financial topics.

License of your architectural photography

A deep dive into licensing models and how retaining your copyrights can lead to a successful career as a photographer or artist of any kind. After watching this video, you will be able to navigate the license of your work with confidence.

Sales and Marketing for Architectural Photography

Hear lessons from Matthew Anderson’s career working in a small market (Kansas City) and how his methods compare and contrast with Mike Kelley’s experience marketing his work in a large market (Los Angeles). You can expect to learn how to build your brand from scratch – including tips for building a portfolio from scratch, connecting with new clients, organic networking, knowing your rates, dealing with positive and negative feedback, personalize your marketing materials, social media, and when approaching your first job.

Contracts for architectural photography

Complementing and explaining our model contract, the Contracts video guides you through the application and implementation of a professional contract for architectural photographers.

Copyright and Infringement Management

All photographers in history have had to deal with the theft of their work – it comes with the territory. How you handle this can mean the difference between getting fair payment for your work or being taken advantage of again and again.

How to Manage Your Work Goes Viral

If you’ve been a photographer long enough, your work will eventually “take away” with virality. Whether in the architecture and interiors industry or in the world at large, this can be a double edged sword. Successfully navigating the exposure, consequences, and fallout of virality is essential if you are to hope to monetize and understand the value of a viral photo.


If you’ve ever wished you could pick the brains of different architectural photographers to understand what their business practices are or what lessons they’ve learned over the course of their careers, this video series is for you. The craft of architectural photography offers a variety of videos covering the ins and outs of managing a business photography architecture.