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Kelly Ripa slams her husband Mark Consuelos’ poor photography skills after he tried to snap a photo of her with a thirst trap

Kelly Ripa often praises her husband, Mark Consuelos. She will use her social media to highlight how Riverdale the actor is a loving husbanda devoted dad and more. However, in one of the last episodes of Live with Kelly and RyanRipa pointed out that Consuelos’ photographic skills could use some work.

In the episode, the Live The co-host was seen holding a photo to her chest and she began with a disclaimer saying, “That’s not bragging.” And when Seacrest tried to peek at the photo, she said, “Wait! Wait for it.

She went on to say, “You know, I’ve talked about this on the show many times… Let’s say something tragic happened to me on vacation. We would have no way of knowing that I I’ve been there because there’s never a picture of me on vacation because I’m the photographer.

That’s when Ripa dove into the photo’s backstory, revealing that his new memoirs, Live Wire: endless news, was the catalyst for this comedic moment. “So I said to Mark, ‘Do you want to do me a favor? I’m trying to promote this book,” she said. The host then asked her husband: “Can you take my picture? I’ll make it funny like, casually lounging around, not stressed at all about this book tour.

In response to this, Seacrest chimed in and said, “A glamorous shot?” To which Ripa replied, “A glamorous mum shot.”

But after Ripa asks Consuelos to take a “thirst trap” for her, she recalls that it wasn’t a very long photoshoot. Ripa says, “He takes the phone, he snatches it from my hands, he leaves [clicking sound]and I go, ‘Are you sure you have it?’ [And he says]’Yes I understood.'”

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Finally, Ripa prepared to show the photo to the crowd. ” You’re ready ? Everybody is ready ? she asked. “Here it is.”

In the photo the talk show host posted, she is seen lying in a swimming pool, sporting an orange two-piece swimsuit and wearing a large sun hat. However, the way the photo is cropped, his head is almost completely cut off.

“Look at those abs,” exclaims Seacrest. “Forget the abs!” Ripa responds. ” Where is my head ? It could be anyone! It could be Elle Macpherson for all we know.

Although Consuelos’ photography skills needed polishing, Ripa was certainly able to snap a few shots. husband’s successful thirst trapswhich she loves to share on her Instagram (like the one seen above).

And while that marketing tactic may have failed, Ripa found other ways to promote new memoirs. In another recent Instagram post, she was seen signing books and she wrote: “T-less less than a month before live wire drops. If you love short and long stories, and I know you do, head over to the link in bio to pre-order a signed edition. Maybe you will have the one in this photo! Just kidding, it’s for my mom.

Luckily Ripa didn’t ask Consuelos to cover her book!

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