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Latitude Commercial Offers Customers Custom Aerial Drone Photography and Video, Matterport 3D Virtual Tours – NWILife

Latitude Commercial, a full-service commercial real estate brokerage and property management firm, is embracing the latest virtual reality, 3D and drone technologies to offer clients new ways to increase leads and drive interest in advertisement. With the help of Latitude’s drone photography and 3D imagery powered by Matterport, its clients can now offer bird’s eye views and immersive online virtual tours of their properties on computers, smartphones and tablets.

“It’s something we’re very excited to bring to the table,” said Kayla Patrick, chief marketing officer at Latitude. “We will be able to present each property in a new and creative way. We can do so much from taking aerial photos to developing custom tour videos. We can customize the marketing strategy for each property.

Drone photography and footage offers an immediate visual impact that ground-level photos often struggle to convey. From the sky, the drone highlights the property itself but also, critically, a glimpse of the surrounding landscape.

“You don’t just glance at the property, you build an understanding of everything around it,” said Antony Miocic, broker and office group manager at Latitude. “You see benchmarks, services, competition, all of that. If you’re near a Whole Foods, that highlights it. If you are near a highway, you can see it. These photos give a real idea of ​​what’s there, more than you get from a map. »

Latitude does more than just take photos – it creates graphics and presentations with images that take aerial photos and highlight different landmarks and points of interest. Miocic pointed to the benefits of land plot listings as particularly noteworthy.

“The drone is perfect for land because it’s not just land you want to show,” he said. “We can make a graphic with a red box showing the package in detail from the air.”

Matterport is a newer technology that uses advanced cameras to image and digitize rooms in their entirety, creating a digitized version of any building to enable 3D tours and interactive floor plans.


“We’ve built a tour of our own office and it’s basically anything but literally walk in there in person,” Miocic said. “It’s fantastic for turnkey spaces. The images it generates are of incredibly high quality, it allows buyers and renters to get a fantastic glimpse of a property before they even get there. This can turn into a huge time saver.

Check out the 3D VR tour of the Latitude Commercial office here:

These services are all performed by Latitude in-house – there is no outsourcing or third parties involved. The Latitude team works directly with clients to create a marketing plan that meets their needs.

“Doing everything in-house means we can be faster and more affordable for our customers,” Patrick said. “In some other businesses, they may need to contact a different vendor for each individual service. This can add a lot of time and money. We realize it quickly. »

To learn more about Latitude Commercial drone photography, Matterport 3D imaging, or virtual tours, visit call 219-864-0200 to get in touch with a broker.