Photography jobs

Masters of photography offer real opportunities in a global ecology

Melbourne comes alive with the recent launch of the 2022 PHOTO International Photography Festival, cementing its reputation as Australia’s city of photography.

Behind great photographic works are dedicated photographers and institutions committed to supporting the next generation of talent. A striking example is the Photography Studies College (PSC), the only specialist photographic institution in Australia and unique in the Asia-Pacific region.

PSC’s Master of Arts in Photography program offers real-world industry opportunities and a mentorship program that pairs current students with global industry leaders. Demonstrating the value of “smaller is better,” PSC students can get one-on-one support tailored to their needs and facilitate relationship building through an international network.

PSC Dean of Studies Daniel Boetker-Smith said: ‘One of the things we’ve identified is that people doing an MA in Australia feel like they want to be connected to what’s going on in the international level.

“Particularly with photography, it’s really important for students to situate or negotiate their work in the context of an international photographic scene – that is, across Asia as well as in Europe and America.”

PSC is also deeply committed to the local artistic ecology. This year, it is an educational partner and sponsor of the 2022 PHOTO International Photography Festival; PSC will also host Photo Book Weekend on May 21-22.

Current PSC Masters student Rachel Main is exhibiting in the New Photographers exhibition at the James Makin Gallery as part of PHOTO 2022 alongside PSC graduate Olivia Mròz.

Main said: “The decision for me to do the Masters at this point in my career was very personal. I went through big changes in my life and as a result I re-evaluated where I was and where I wanted to be.

She said PSC’s intensive program, coupled with established guest speakers, helps her take her practice to the next level.

“The PSC master’s program allowed me to advance my practice by engaging with dedicated teachers and a comprehensive curriculum. I feel supported and comfortably challenged to further develop my practical skills and thinking, enabling new ideas and ways of working,” Main explained.

Master’s student Rachel Main and Krump dancer Troi take photos in the PSC studio for the ‘New Photographers’ exhibit as part of PHOTO 2022. Image provided.

Main was mentored at PSC by socially engaged artist Anthony Luvera, who is currently based in London, and said being supported by professionals with global connections is hugely valuable.

“Anthony encouraged me to think more deeply and broadly about my project and more broadly about my practice and methodologies…it was great to be able to draw on Anthony’s vast experience as a practitioner based on collaboration located in the UK.”

Recent mentors include: Jesse Marlow (Australia), Noémie Goudal (France), Ian Teh (Malaysia/UK), Juan Brenner (Guatemala), Max Pinckers (Belgium), Kazuma Obara (Japan), Jan Rosseel (Netherlands), Bas), Melinda Gibson (UK), Joanna Piotrowska (Poland), Felicity Hammond (UK), Anthony Luvera (Australia/UK) and Jack Latham (UK).

In addition to Main’s participation in PHOTO 2022, senior lecturer Dr. Hoda Afshar, master’s course leader Dr. Kristian Haggblom, and lecturers Tom Goldner and Harriet Tarbuck are part of the festival’s program of exhibitions, talks, d workshops and events.

PSC is now accepting applications for mid-year admission starting August 3, 2022. To apply or learn more about PSC’s Master of Arts Photography, submit an inquiry through the PSC website and they will contact you to answer your questions.