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Michele McNally, who elevated New York Times photography, dies at 66

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When longtime Roanoke Times reporter Luanne Rife left the paper in early 2021, a nonprofit interested in supporting quality journalism approached her to ask her opinion on the viability of a medium. online only. This led to a grant of $100,000. The grant and a matching amount provided seed capital to develop The Cardinal News, which launched in September 2021.

Attacks on media companies are on the rise. It is difficult to determine whether cybercriminals are strategically targeting media companies or whether the criminal network is so widespread that it ensnares news outlets almost accidentally. But news organizations around the world have found themselves at the mercy of hacks, breaches and ransomware demands, perhaps the most insidious of all.

Former Pulitzer Prize finalist David Fitzsimmons has drawn six cartoons a week about his sunny corner of the country for the Arizona Daily Star since 1986. Avoiding the fate of many of his contemporaries, Fitzsimmons has managed to remain a staple of his diary and community for the past 35 years and only recently decided, at the age of 66, to start slowing things down and working part-time.

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