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Monde Gris shines in the local spotlight bringing black and white photography to life

Windsor-based photographer Jashan Dhanda draws attention to the impressive Detroit-Windsor collection, proof of how black-and-white photography is alive and well, even in 2022.

Jashan’s page, Gray World, is making waves in the photography scene with its black and white photography by capturing the beauty of the Windsor and Detroit area, an area that is underrepresented when it comes to photography.

Photography is undoubtedly the artistic medium of the day: people all over the world have portable cameras, and direct access to top-notch editing software has blown up the art form and paved the way to a huge number of amateur photographers. Photographers like Jashan have been able to easily show and display their cities to the world through social media platforms like Instagram.

Fostering a friendly environment for new and upcoming creators is key, especially for smaller towns like Windsor. The creative industry contributes just over 6% to the global gross domestic product (GDP), and the beauty of this industry is that no major investment is needed to create these jobs in our cities. As citizens, we have the power to invest in and grow these creatives and create a friendly ecosystem for new creatives to come, simply by supporting the ones we have now. Support can be as easy and free as below, or more directly by purchasing art.

Windsors has seen drastic changes over the past 10 to 20 years due to large demographic shifts, which has allowed the city to grow culturally. Although the city has a significant artistic space, it is not as well known or organized as other cities of a similar size. Jashan is just one example among many other creatives.

Those who wish to collaborate or partner with Monde Gris can send a direct message to social media Others interested in purchasing a piece from the Detroit-Windsor collection can visit

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