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‘Moon Knight’ Sets Marvel Record For ‘Least Photography’ Says Series Director

During a virtual press conference featuring some of the stars and creators of wonderit’s moon knight today, director Mohamed Diab says the creative team set Marvel’s record for “fewest photography” while producing the upcoming Disney+ series.

  • The cast of stars and creators, which included Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead in addition to Diab, talked about rehearsing for their sets before filming them.
  • This prompted Diab to mention that they set a “Marvel record” for the “fewest photographs” during the production of the series.
  • Considering this is the sixth Marvel Disney+ series, it’s an impressive feat and one that Marvel has taken note of.
  • Last month, we learned that Benson and Moorhead had signed on to direct the upcoming second season of Loki.
  • With so much to balance and manage when making an MCU project such as moon knightefficiency can definitely be a way to win more jobs, as this directorial duo has proven.
  • That’s not to say it wasn’t also these directors’ creative vision that landed them their roles with Lokibut setting a record for effectively completing the filming process couldn’t have hurt.
  • Find out more from today moon knight virtual press conference, check out Mack’s full summary of the event.

marvel’s moon knight will premiere on Disney+ on March 30.