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NO Company launches diverse stock photography site

Photo by Zora Khiry (uploaded from Macro)

NEW ORLEANS – Online Optimism, a digital marketing and design agency based in New Orleans and Washington DC, has launched a new stock photography project called Macro.

Macro is a free stock photo site that allows users to upload images from various photographers. Although the photos are free to download, photographers are paid for their work and given space on the site to promote their work to potential clients.

“We think it’s extremely important to compensate creators for their work, which is why Online Optimism pays each of Macro’s photographers for the free photos they provide on this site,” said Lauren Walter, director of research and content from Online Optimism. “But Macro’s goal is also to provide exposure to featured creators, so we hope that users who download free images and like them will feel encouraged to reach out to the photographer for additional paid work if they need it. Each photographer has a biography on Macro with details about the type of work they do and how to get in touch with them to pay for a project.

Online Optimism started Macro because they saw a lack of diversity in most commercial photo sites and wanted to be part of the solution.

Macro Logo Square“It’s really great to see these photographers have the opportunity to showcase their work to people around the world,” said Sam Olmsted, Managing Director of Online Optimism New Orleans. “I’m excited to see these photographers grow and give more BIPOC photographers the opportunity to get their work on a wider platform.”

“I think diversity in front of the camera is easy; the diversity behind the camera is difficult,” said Zora Khiri, one of New Orleans’ premier macro photographers. “Often, black or trans photographers see the world very differently, even behind the lens. I hope more people will see my work and I hope more businesses will be inspired to seek out unique and creative.