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OHIO senior starts photography business on Court Street

Carissa Nickell, a senior at Ohio University, has her own photography business, Indy Rose. She opens her own photography studio on Court Street and books all kinds of sessions.

Nickell started photography in high school as a hobby. She is self-taught in both photography and editing. She realized that if she focused on improving her camera skills and started creating content that people liked, she could grow her business. Nickell now shoots entirely manually, allowing him to fully customize each shot.

The decision to open a studio was not planned. Nickell was looking for properties to rent in Athens when she found a space on Court Street with lots of natural light, white walls and wooden floors that she thought would be perfect.

Carissa Nickel

“I wasn’t really looking for a particular studio. I’ve always dreamed of eventually opening a studio, but I didn’t think it was possible in this area to find real commercial premises… or affordable premises with the aesthetics I wanted. And I stumbled across it,” Nickell said.

Nickell’s vision for his studio is for it to be decorated with a bohemian, vintage look that will be especially perfect for newborn and family shoots.

“The trend is to have families’ babies in this really cozy, cuddly, intimate space where you can capture people in their most loving moments,” she said.

Nickell says she is very happy to be able to continue to grow and give back to the Athens community by opening her studio. She is also excited to connect with a new population of customers by providing a service that is not widely offered in Athens. Its aim is to offer affordable family sessions, newborn sessions and shoots without giving up the high quality work that is its standard.

The biggest challenge of owning your own business is how overwhelming it is to balance school, other jobs, and getting involved on your own, says Nickell. She is currently looking to hire her first employee – a creative project manager to support her with tasks such as bookings, social media management and meeting editing deadlines.

“It’s such a blessing…It’s more than a dream come true to be 22 years old and an undergrad…and to be able to have a business that makes enough money for me that I being able to open up his own space as a student is more than I could have imagined was possible.

The experience was a great learning opportunity for Nickell, who is majoring in psychology at the College of Arts and Sciences and is part of the Army ROTC. She is very open to having students talk to her about owning a business and even works for her to see firsthand what owning a business entails as a student.

Carissa Nickel

Nickell’s advice for any student interested in entrepreneurship is that if you have a hobby that you are passionate about and that is marketable and other people are willing to pay for it, then go for it. She encourages students to start showing off and working on growing, to keep believing in themselves and being consistent.

“You have to believe in yourself to the point that even when you’re tired of putting so much work into that dream, or that business, you know you’re going to get there… You have to keep that passion mindset. to keep going,” she said.

Time management and balancing business and other areas of life are also important when starting a new business.

“It can become kind of an obsession if you’re really passionate about this thing that’s also making money for you,” she said. “But, you have to be able to give to other parts of your life and not be completely swallowed up in this business.”

Nickell makes appointments in Athens and for travel outside the region. She’s also open to all kinds of sessions in and out of her studio, including mini sessions, couple sessions, family sessions, engagements, weddings, student organization sessions, dating sessions, and more. local affairs and portraits. Additionally, Nickell offers discounts to OHIO students, OHIO faculty and professors, and Athens residents.

His studio is located at 14 N. Court St. Suite 2, Athens. You can make an appointment by messaging her on Instagram @theindyroselens.

Carissa Nickel
Image courtesy of Carissa Nickell