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Our 30 rising stars of 2021 wedding photography are here!


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The wait is over! We are thrilled to announce our 30 Rising Stars of 2021 Wedding Photography. Our esteemed 30 winners were sworn to secrecy last month, but at last they can shout it from the rooftops and revel in the excitement of join the 30 alumni of rising stars. What is very special for us is that 2021 marks our tenth year that organizes this competition, and each year, the talent continues to strengthen and diversify around the world. This year, our 30 are based in places as far away as Vietnam, Ireland, Malaysia, Finland and New Zealand, as well as local markets in the United States – Michigan, California, North Carolina, Arkansas and New York, among others.

In case you are unfamiliar, this prestigious list recognizes and honors wedding photographers who create an indelible mark on the industry and inspire it to evolve aesthetically.

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Each year, Rangefinder editors invite photo industry leaders, including other editors, photographers, wedding planners and vendors, to nominate wedding photographers from around the world for consideration. Age is not a factor, but qualified applicants must have been shooting marriages full-time for five years or less. Once a photographer is nominated, they prepare a submission of 30 images that fully represent their signature as a wedding photographer. When Rangefinder’s editorial and creative team judges these submissions, they look for compelling narratives, cohesive technique, visual cohesion, and diverse subject matter.

These emerging photographers show promise in taking the aesthetics of
wedding photography to new places. Visionaries today, they are the educators and mentors of tomorrow. Our five judges are enthralled by the process as we encounter unique perspectives and creative approaches that blow us away. This year the competition reached dizzying heights (literally!) as we encountered many intentional blurs and abstract painterly looks, as well as drone shots that were very architectural in nature. We also noted that the dark, brooding look is back as the nominees really leaned into shooting with dark shadows and not-so-ideal weather conditions. Finally, there were far more runaways and intimate weddings featured this year, but far fewer mask-wearing couples than we saw in 2020.

But enough with our verbal descriptions! Get ready, dig in, and get ready to be engrossed in the stunning images created by this year’s 30 rising stars of wedding photography:

Adrian Vilanova

Andrea Verenini

Arte Visual MF (Sebastian Bravo)

Bernadeta Kupiec

Cedar and Pines (Megan and Nate Kantor)

Charlotte Kiri Photography (Charlotte and Bruno)

bong chonfan

Emily Black

Emma and Rich

Eshan Raju Oguri

Fotomagoria (Magdalena Glowacka)

Gabrielle Desmarchais

Jennifer Boris

John Branch IV

Jon Gazzignato

Julie Blin

Kane CY

Maja Tsolo

Malorie Kerouac

Marianne Pierce

Martina Ruffini

Nina and Darek

Paulina Bichara

Phan Tian

Phylicia Willis

Pyry Canton

Remain in Light Photography (Mairead McDaid)

Ryanne Holly

Pictures of Stori (Kristi Boatright)

The Salty Shutter (Dane Tucker)