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Photographer Jack Hunt blurs the lines between painting and photography

COSHOCTON – Sometimes it takes a while before the light shines on a career. This was the case for Jack Hunt.

“I think I always wanted to be an artist,” he said.

Well, today you can find Hunt and his work at Foothills Studio & Gallery in Roscoe Village. He is also president of the Coshocton Art Guild.

“His subject matter,” according to the Foothills Studio website, “is primarily old farmhouses and rural landscapes found within a 60-mile radius of Coshocton, Ohio. Some people call him “the barn guy”.

Now 70, Hunt grew up in Coshocton and Akron. He went to high school in Akron.

“I have always loved art. I think that was the thing I loved most about school,” he said. “But medical problems forced me to take early retirement. I got my GED and took the Digital Media Design course at COTC with the intention of creating websites.

Instead, he “spent a few decades driving a truck across the country.”

The love of art, however, has always been a constant.

“I joined the Art Guild about four years ago,” he said. “I made several new friends and a few of them invited me to join a gallery in Zanesville with them and a few other artists. After a few years there, we decided we’d like to try it out here in Coshocton and started Foothills Studio in Roscoe Village. I am one of the partners there. It’s my business.

“My art career,” he added, “happened by accident because I decided that a lot of these pictures would look great hanging on my wall – and pretty soon I started selling them. I I have just over 5,400 followers on Facebook. They inspired me to do this. When I would go to an event, I would write about it on the page and people would start coming to see me. These last two years I haven’t been to many events other than the ones the Coshocton Art Guild attends, but people still come to Roscoe Village to see me.

They are looking for it for a good reason.

“Jack is an excellent photographer,” said Melissa Maxwell, artist, treasurer of the Coshocton Art Guild and partner of Foothills Studio & Gallery. “He knows the barns in the area very well.”

“I love everything about the creative process,” Hunt replied. “But talking and connecting with people is the part of what I do that I love the most.”

“I work in the shop (at the Foothills Studio & Gallery) Friday through Sunday talking to people and doing sales,” he concluded. “The rest of the time I build my own art substrates, photograph, edit images or paint. I have developed my own style of editing and displaying my photography and digital art. I like to say my style is about blurring the lines between painting and photography. A lot of people seem to agree.

Foothills Studio & Gallery is located at 416 N. Whitewoman St. in Coshocton. For more information, log on to

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