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Photography and Videography Services – Texas Woman’s University

TWU Photographer and Videographer Captures and Manages Captivating Visuals that advance the TWU brand and align with the university’s strategic plan and priorities. The photos / videos are taken with an artistic eye and a broad perspective that presents the university as a whole.

Photography and videography services are available for recruitment and university priorities alone. This may include:

  • Photos and videos for the website, our biggest recruiting tool
  • Events that showcase campus / student life and experiences
  • Visuals to highlight programs or research
  • Visuals of a specific student, alumnus, or faculty member for news and media purposes
  • Beginning

Before requesting services

  • Plan ahead and request photo or video services at least 3 weeks before the event.
  • Allow time for editing and delivery photos and videos. If you need a photo or video by a certain date, allow 2 weeks for assembly and delivery.
    • Editing times may vary depending on the size of the project. The deadlines will be discussed in more detail when you submit an application.
  • Make sure you have the TWU photo release consent form completed and signed when taking photos or videos of people. The only exception to this are crowd photos.
  • Check that the subject of your video is within the scope of Marketing & Communication, which includes recruitment and university priorities alone. If this is not part of the Marketing & Communication scope of work:
    • Most modern smartphones are equipped with cameras capable of taking high-resolution photos which can then be cropped and edited.
    • There are a few tips for making great videos with a smartphone. See the guidelines below for assistance.

Email the TWU University Photographer with your photoshoot request. Include the date of the event or your availability.

Photo shelter

A screenshot from TWU's Photoshelter service.

Photoshelter is the photo storage system used by TWU’s college photographer to share photos with departments.

Check Photoshelter for existing photos before requesting new photos. What you need may already exist so you can use it today!

Visit the photo shelter

Freelancers can be hired for portraits or for event coverage. Departments should use a licensed freelance photographer, options listed below.

The service that hires the photographer pays for their time, generally $ 150 / hour, unless otherwise agreed.