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Photography contest featured in Jacaranda Day I Australian Rural & Regional News

The winners of the annual Gomaren & Doctor’s Creek Focus on Farms photography contest will be announced during the Jacaranda Day festival in Goombungee this Saturday November 5th.

“No matter where you live, the connection to agriculture is an important part of who we are as Australians,” said competition coordinator Jean Gundry. “Land maintenance is not just for farmers.

“Each of us who lives in the Darling Downs has a reason to celebrate that we live in one of the most productive regions on the planet.

“We benefit from jobs in agriculture and related industries, food and fiber production, healthy lifestyles, and the ability to preserve and benefit the environment.”

The photography contest, which has categories accessible to all ages and lifestyles, is an incentive and encouragement for people to engage in community exploration and conversation about our relationship with the earth.

“My passion is education,” explains Jean. “I want to encourage the next generation to interact with the environment; to be in it, to be part of it, to react, to observe and to interact with it.

To that end, the primary school category of the contest focuses on insects. Without a healthy insect population, there can be no sustainable environment.

Landcare projects and membership are also important in building healthy and sustainable communities. Previous Photo Contest awards events have resulted in vibrant and crowded community gatherings.

Learning and sharing new ideas has proven to be important in fostering mental well-being and community support and identity.

“A philosophy of caring for the earth is the scaffolding of everyone’s relationship with the environment, no matter where you live,” Jean said.

Members of Gomaren and Doctor’s Creek Landcare will be on hand on Mocatta Street throughout Jacaranda Day for anyone who wishes to join the conversation.

For the full schedule of events, visit ‘Jacaranda Day Goombungee’ on Facebook.

This article appeared in About Our Selection NewsNovember 3, 2022.