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Photography exhibit at Paramount explores travel to 30 countries

The creative mind behind the Autumn Carolynn travel photography exhibit has traveled to 30 countries over 30 years.

She has visited 48 states and six continents and now she shares her work with the public.

She goes by Autumn Carolynn and says she started saving money when she was 12, doing odd jobs, babysitting in middle school, and working weekends in high school. She saved her money from an early age knowing from the start that she wanted to travel.

His exhibition “30 countries by 30” is currently on display at the Paramount Center for the Arts. It features 18 of his photographs from around the world.

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“It really feels good to know that my photography is able to connect with someone even if they had an experience in a different place,” she said. “I use my photography to bring them back a memory they had forgotten. It makes me happy to see other people who remember those amazing experiences they had before.

Photographer Autumn Carolynn

Her exhibition is filled with images that for her are the most representative of each country, from Austria to Japan.

Autumn Carolynn went to college at Illinois State University and she studied abroad for a semester, deciding the last semester before graduating to fly to a different country every weekend. She would leave class on Thursday, take the train from Canterbury to London, sleep at the airport and fly out on Friday morning. She spent the weekend traveling and would return to her apartment in time for Tuesday classes. She traveled for 13 weeks, visiting 13 different countries.

She spent most of her nights in hostels, but other times her travel plans were less coherent and she slept in a casino bathroom in New Castle, a park bench in Paris, and the McDonald’s bathroom floor.

Autumn Carolynn catches a moment at Machu Picchu in 2018. Not in the picture, she says, is the llama who only wanted pets from all the tourists.

After college, she continued her travels as a flight attendant, became a travel agent and then a travel design manager before COVID-19 hit and she decided to focus on photography. full time. She has completed her last three countries, with her last in May, officially making her 30 countries in 30 years.

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Now she attends art shows every weekend to exhibit her work and connect with visitors. She has 14 shows this year alone. And she’s publishing a book. Her work has been edited, beta read, and she is in the process of interviewing literary agents to get it published. Each chapter focuses on a different life lesson she learned in each country.

His work is on display until September 28 in the lobby of the Paramount Center for the Arts.