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Southwest Wildlife Photography Contest with Special Hedgehog Category

DONATIONS WILL BE MADE: Hedgehogs need help (Image: British Hedgehog Preservation Society)

Bovis Homes is running a wildlife photography competition for residents of its southwestern developments.

There are three categories: Wildlife for adults and teenagers (from 13 years old), Wildlife for children (12 years old and under) and a special Hedgehog category. The winner of each category will win a wildlife camera.

An additional £250 donation will be made to the British Hedgehog Preservation Society for the best hedgehog photo and the winner in the children’s category will also receive a Kindle. Working with the Hedgehog Street project, the homebuilder has created hedgehog freeways in their developments so they can move safely between gardens.


Sales and Marketing Director Emma Smith said: “We have been installing hedgehog freeways for some time now and thought it would be fantastic to see them in use. However, please do not disturb or touch the animals, just let them behave naturally – remote monitoring cameras are ideal for this.

“The images are to be captured at a Bovis Homes development in the South West, they must be taken this year and received by December 31 – so there are a few weeks left for nature viewing.”

For the wildlife categories, residents could photograph anything outdoors, whether it was different shades of fall leaves, a bird they spotted, a pretty spot from their garden or vegetables they have grown.

Email your photos to: [email protected]