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Teacher hopes aerial photography takes off |

A teacher by day, Kale Geiswite embarked on a new hobby during COVID downtime to start a new business specializing in aerial photography.

He hopes to find a niche where he can help private businesses, real estate companies, farmers and even historic companies, giving them a new perspective.

Geiswite’s new business has grown into RAVEN-ONE aerial photography, where he uses a small fleet of drones to take images and videos for a handful of clients. He was born out of his love for technology and public service.

Geiswite served in the Air Force and also worked in law enforcement. He continues this public service as a firefighter.

“Aviation is kind of a thing for me and in the Air Force I realized there was so much advancement in technology,” he said. “So I bought a drone – one as a hobby – and realized that there was so much more potential than I was using it for. “

Based in Mifflinburg, Geiswite said there was a small group locally involved in aerial photography. His goal is to get the word out because he knows the market is there.

He had to undergo a series of trainings and licenses with the Federal Aviation Administration to expand his reach. Geiswite said he uses two drones for work, the two DJI models that include a small one for indoor work and an outdoor drone that can shoot high-definition video. He said he hopes to add a larger one in the future.

Everyone, from farmers to Penn State University, took advantage of the new look images. Geiswite said he was working with engineers from Penn State on the construction of a new dormitory.

“It can be expensive to get on a plane and go upstairs to take pictures,” he said. “With this technology, it can be done at a lower price.”

With real estate, overviews showing an entire property can be beneficial to potential buyers or sellers. Geiswite considers it his job to get more business for real estate agents and to make their jobs easier.

“For someone in real estate, people who are trying to sell a property, this is a much more convenient way to get pictures to market a property,” he said.

One video RAVEN-ONE has already made and customers have seen immediate results is the Lions Den Bed & Breakfast in Petersburg, about half an hour southwest of State College.

Kimberly Cook, who owns the bed and breakfast with her husband, said they are pushing their location for Penn State football fans coming to State College in the fall.

The two-minute video begins with a low-level flight down the driveway, almost like driving into the rural bed and breakfast tucked away in the woods of Happy Valley. After some aerial footage of the property, a drone hovers over a door that opens into a den littered with Penn State football memorabilia, jerseys and signed photos to a cardboard cutout of former coach Joe Paterno.

“Kale did a great job for us,” Kimberly said. “Our house is built around Penn State memorabilia and he did a great job showing it. We get a lot of rentals during the football season and that will definitely help boost our publicity.

“Many people contacted and mentioned the video. “

Geiswite said prices vary depending on what the job involves. He tries to do most of his work within 20 miles of Mifflinburg, he said, but can travel further.

To find out more about the new company, contact Geiswite via the RAVEN-ONE Facebook page – – call 570-478-1705 or email [email protected]