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The DePaul Art Museum launches a new photographic exhibition on social change, “Demanding Change, Bearing Witness”

CHICAGO (SCS) — The DePaul Art Museum has launched a new virtual exhibit focused on social change.

It’s titled “Demanding Change, Bearing Witness” and uses photography to highlight various movements and protests over the decades.

Some photos are the work of well-known photographers, while others were taken by anonymous people.

The students who led the organization of this exhibit say they wanted to focus on the raw emotion that photos can capture.

“Photography can capture…the emotion of the subjects in the photos, and it can also connect with the viewers themselves; seeing people who look like you in those images, and that can really inspire that kind of inner activist in self,” said Margo Lipscomb, a student at DePaul University

“Photography as a medium has amplified the voices of those people whose voices might not have been heard before, and photography bears witness to the struggle, and it bears witness to the people putting their lives on the line for what ‘they believe they’re fair,’ DePaul said. Spencer Bolding, college student.

You can view the virtual exhibit on the DePaul Art Museum website.