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The historical society wants to return the photos of Luce Photography to the families

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Following the permanent closure of Luce Photography Studio in Farmington, an inventory of several thousand envelopes with photos, prints and negatives was left behind. These date from the 1930s until the studio closed. They were distributed to historical societies in the region.

We, the Livermore/Livermore Falls Historical Society, have received over a thousand images belonging to residents of the Livermore/Livermore Falls area. There are photos depicting graduation, marriage, family reunions, children, job promotions, and even pets. We would like to return them to their owners. These are precious memories.

So far we have returned over 700 images to their rightful owners. If you, or someone you know, lives or has ever lived in Livermore or the Livermore Falls area and had Luce take a picture, we might have an envelope for you. To find out, please call 897-4695 or 897-5171. If there is no answer, please leave your name and phone number and we will call you back. — Muriel, Livermore

TO RESPOND: Wow, what a project! It sounds fun though. Keep us posted on how it goes.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: To the lady who bought a pot rack and pot holder set at the Excelsior Grange craft fair in Poland, one of the racks was dropped off in the parking lot. We found it and recorded it for you. Please call 740-2741. — Cynthia, Poland

TO RESPOND: I hope she reads this and comes right away!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: A few years ago someone was listed in Sun Spots as offering senior rates for snow removal. Do you still have it in your files? — No name, no city

TO RESPOND: I have often had this request for snow removal. The problem is that sometimes people who have done the job in the past may not be doing it this season. I hope readers will respond with a recommendation or someone with a snowblower might be willing to help out for a reasonable fee. For those who wish to answer your request, it would be very useful to know in which city or in which district you live.

It can be difficult to fit into someone’s mid-season schedule, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you find the perfect fit.

SeniorsPlus (, 795-4010) has a list of community resources and they may have a list for people who specifically help seniors with this chore.

If you belong to a church, club or other organizations, spread the word to other members. I’m a firm believer in “asking the universe” for what I need and your Sun Spots idea does just that! Mention to everyone you meet that you are also looking for someone to help you with this work.

I found a few landscape companies in Lewiston-Auburn that advertise snow removal services. They may only use plows, but it won’t hurt to try them.

Fresh Start Landscaping ( has an email form on their website or you can contact the company at 577-4130 or [email protected].

Hamann Brothers Lawn & Landscape in Lewiston, 795-0567) also provides snow removal service to dozens of towns in central and western Maine.

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