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The most colorful destinations in the world

A vibrant and colorful scene can be one of the funniest things to photograph. There is so much going on that it’s hard not to find a good shot. And, if you’re looking for a colorful place to go, a recent and totally unscientific study has some recommendations.

About the study

This “study” was carried out by the strangest group imaginable: Uswitch Mortgage Comparison Team. I can only assume this was some sort of Friday afternoon marketing, Hail, but regardless of how they managed to get management to approve it, we are writing to this topic.

The study used a “seed list” of 20 colorful destinations from a few travel websites. The team then subjected it to three loose (but fun) scans to determine the most colorful places, the most wanted colorful places, and the most instagrammed colorful places.

To find the most colorful spot, they picked everyone’s 10 best photos from Shutterstock and used a “color dropper tool” (probably in Photoshop) to find the number of colors in each color palette. site.

For the most wanted spot, they used SemRush to analyze the Google search data for each location.

And for the most Instagrammed location, they again used SemRush to find the number of posts with the #placename.

Is it science? No. But it’s a fun way to look at colorful places.

The most colorful spots

According to Uswitch, Cinque Terre in Italy is the most colorful destination in the world with a total of eight distinct colors. Apparently, “Sitting on the Italian Riviera, the multicolored destination is home to an abundance of colorful homes that vary from red, dark and light orange to undertones of yellow, green and blue.”

Next, with seven distinct colors, was Kampung Pelangi (it translates to “Rainbow Village” in Bahasa) in Indonesia.

Then Guatape, Colombia; La Boca, Argentina; and Nyhavn, Denmark, completed the top five with six colors each.

The 15 remaining destinations in descending order of color were:

  • Little India, Singapore.
  • Old Havana, Cuba.
  • Rainbow Village, Taiwan.
  • Burano, Italy.
  • Procida, Italy.
  • Chefchaouen, Morocco.
  • Colmar, France.
  • Bo Kapp, South Africa.
  • Vinicunca, Peru.
  • Rainbow Row, United States.
  • Grand Prismatic Spring, United States.
  • Wroclaw, Poland.
  • Balat, Turkey.
  • Willemstad, Curacao.
  • Gamla Stan, Sweden.

Oh dull, dull Sweden.

Most Wanted and Instagrammed

More interesting than color analysis (and perhaps more relevant to photographers) was the distribution of popularity.

It should come as no surprise that the incredibly too touristy Cinque Terre was the most searched destination (718,000 searches) and the second most #hashtagged destination (170,695 #hashtags), followed closely by Havana, Cuba which was the third most searched destination (334,600 searches) and the most #hashtagged (247,642 #hashtags)).

Colmar, Burano, Singapore and Pelangi also featured prominently on both lists.

Find the color

As iconic as some of these destinations are, if you’re looking to snap some unique colorful shots, the best spots are probably worth avoiding.

In my equally unscientific assessment of this unscientific study, the most unique colorful destinations are:

  • Rainbow Village, Taiwan.
  • Bo Kapp, South Africa.
  • Vinicunca, Peru.
  • Rainbow Row, United States.

These are the only four places that aren’t on the most searched or Instagrammed lists.