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The Nikon Z9 outsells its flagship competitor

Nikon announced this week that marketing data showed the Nikon Z9 to be “the best-selling professional flagship full-frame mirrorless camera in the first quarter of 2022”. That’s a big deal for a highly reputable brand that has, so far, shown signs of struggling with its transition from DSLRs to mirrorless cameras.

Have a niche

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Nikon’s announcement comes with some caveats. The data comes from market research consultants, The NDP group, and is based on US sales in the first three months of this year. He reports that the Z9 accounted for 57% of units sold with an average sale price of over $5,000. It’s what Nikon calls the ‘flagship professional’ market segment, although we suspect some brands might take issue with that.

The Z9 didn’t start shipping until end December 2021, while the closest Canon equivalent, the much more sports-oriented EOS R3, was released a month earlier, and the closest Sony equivalent, the Alpha 1, was released in March 2021. The data are therefore probably somewhat skewed in favor of Nikon.

Likewise, we are still in the midst of a global chip shortage and supply chain crisis. It is anticipated that it may take until November of this year to Nikon will honor its 400,000 pre-orders. Canon also has struggled to keep up with demand for the EOS R3so Nikon’s dominance is probably due in part to its ability to produce more cameras.

Still, it’s hard to deny that this is the kind of mirrorless camera output that Nikon needs.

A reprieve for professionals

The success of the Z9 gives us the impression that many diehard high-end Nikon shooters are finally making the leap to mirrorless or ditching their Z7 or Z6 series cameras for the camera they really wanted in first place. 400,000 pre-orders put it on track to be one of Nikon’s best-selling digital cameras.

Everyone at Nikon is obviously delighted with this success. “This flagship category is vital; this is where top-of-the-line technology, performance and reliability matter most, for the most demanding customers,” said Jay Vannatter, Nikon’s Executive Vice President. “We constantly receive deliveries of Z9s from the factory, which are immediately handed over to customers. more customers every day receiving their cameras.

And the reception of the Z9 justified this excitement. It is won award after award. And it looks like it really is the mirrorless camera Nikon fans have been crying out for.

How to Get a Nikon Z9

If you haven’t already pre-ordered a Nikon Z9, buying one at retail is going to be a challenge. Adorama currently has it out of stock with new stock expected by July 10th. B&H Photo takes overbut just say it’s “Coming Soon”.

If not, talk to your local camera store and see if they get a body or two.