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The Simon Rogan & Cristian Barnett One Dish Photo Book

Leader simon rogan teamed up with photographer Cristian Barnett to create One Dish, a book celebrating 20 years of Rogan’s flagship restaurant The Anvil in Cartmel, in the Lake District. Beginning with forwards Rogan and Barnett, the book follows a single dish through the various stages of its construction. The dish in question is a brined, roasted gem lettuce topped with hen of the woods, with a sauce made from fermented mushroom juice and a lukewarm emulsion of elderflower vinegar.

Credit: Cristian Barnett

To produce the book, Rogan and his team prepared the elements, swapping the walls of his restaurant for the spellbinding landscape of the Cartmel Valley. Rogan said the series not only pays homage to his kitchen and restaurant environment, but also to the chefs and kitchen porters, receptionists and cleaners who power the operation.

One Dish contains 17 photos and involves 42 staff members. The images document daily life at the restaurant, capturing the day-to-day work and simple tasks – setting the tables, washing the dishes – and are framed by the backdrop of the lakes.

Credit: Cristian Barnett

Rogan told CODE: “It’s a fun and funky celebration of our 20th anniversary that not only pays homage to our surroundings, but also puts our team front and center who normally don’t get the credit they deserve. “

He added: “I want to thank our team for all their hard work and everything they give to make L’Enclume the memorable and ever-changing place it is for so many people. I would also like to think of it as a starting point for our next twenty years.

Barnett added: “The simple premise of the One Dish project was to celebrate the team, these amazing people and give them center stage with the beautiful scenery of the Southern Lakes. And not just the people who are often the face of the restaurant, but also the kitchen porter, the receptionists and accountant, the handyman and the marketing team.

Credit: Cristian Barnett

A dish is available for pre-order from the Simon Rogan website.

The image collection will also be featured in a one-off exhibition in London in 2023.

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