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The work of the Abington professor of photography adorns collections and exhibitions around the world

ABINGTON, Pennsylvania — Private collections around the world feature works by Walter Plotnick, professor of digital photography in Penn State Abington’s art program, and his photography-based art has been featured in national and individual solo exhibitions. international and media coverage. Recently, a six-page series of his assemblages, or visual narratives, appeared in the prestigious Italian magazine Gente di Fotografia, issue 78.

His current work is a hybrid of wet photography and digital process, and his main series include the 1939 World’s Fair, abstract photograms, and 1930s circus performers.

“I am mainly influenced by modernist, constructivist and Bauhaus artists. Man Ray is also a huge inspiration, as well as some American artists like Joseph Cornell, who created shadowboxes and was self-taught,” Plotnick said.

Until January 15, 2023, Plotnick’s photograph is included in the annual Art of the State juried exhibition at the State Museum of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg. He is also preparing a personal exhibition in 2024 in Belgium.

The roots of Plotnick’s practice date back to age 13 when his father, an amateur photographer, set up a makeshift darkroom in the family basement.

“I would shoot and develop the movie, and I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember,” he said.

After earning his BFA and MFA locally, he worked for two decades as a commercial photographer in studios in Downtown Philadelphia and South Philadelphia, shooting for fashion, food and other customers.

“After many years I decided to go back and do art and do what I love in photography. Around this time in 2005 I came to Abington. I sell my art internationally and I’ve had a lot of success,” he said. .