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TikTok launches in-app text-to-image generator

TikTok has launched a new text-to-image generator that you can access directly in the app. The generator lets you enter a short description which then generates a pretty abstract and colorful AI impression. The effect is called AI Greenscreen and can be accessed through the camera part of the app.

If you haven’t heard of text-to-image generators lately, I don’t know where you’ve been hiding. Dall-E2, Google, and Midjourney have all made headlines with their AI-generated images, with some looking more realistic than others. The technology was first introduced in 2021 and has improved at an alarming rate. Inclusion in an app such as TikTok only goes to show how this technology is becoming mainstream.

However, you don’t have to worry too much about AI stealing your creative works…yet. The version on TikTok has a lot of limitations (I imagine intentional). With millions of users, the images are very abstract and not at all photorealistic.

Any violent or nudity-based prompts become even more ambiguous. For the sake of pure scientific investigation, I put the “naked man on a bench” prompt to see what happened. As you can see in the header image, the answer isn’t much! Still, with the other tech blogs listing naked women in the prompt, I thought it was only fair for gender balance.

At the moment, it looks like this addition is purely fun. Some trends see people writing their name or birthday in the prompt to see their “aesthetic”, for example. But one thing is certain, this technology is here whether we like it or not, and we will continue to see very rapid leaps in the years to come, not months.

[Via The Verge]