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Today’s Picture by Ted Grussing Photography: The Lineup

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…I never got tired of photographing the San Francisco volcanic field in all directions and in all conditions and in all seasons, hundreds of hours in the air photographing them… I love it up there and it tells the story of millions of years in a single photo. In this photo, I’m about level with the easternmost ridge line of Kendrick Peak at an elevation of 10,179 feet; Kendrick’s Peak is the pyramid formation left of center and measures 10,425 feet. Descending on the right side of Kendrick and about 20 miles west behind it is Sitgreaves Mountain at 9390 feet and just behind and a little to the left is Bill Williams Mountain at 9259 feet, the first of the volcanoes in the field (now over 600) and we look west over four million years as the advance of new volcanoes moves ENE. Where will this end? None of us will ever know because the planet has undergone continuous changes over the millennia and will do so for billions of years to come. It’s still a privilege to be here and observe what happened before us and during our stay here…probably not much change in the landscape over the next thousand years, maybe a another volcano as we are almost due for one, but otherwise the art that is the earth is slowly sculpting…for us with short lifespans. I love this place!

Below is a photo of a Coopers Hawk falling from a tree towards a baby bunny diving into a bush a few feet from One and I… it was a miss, but there was a lot of excitement for a few minutes. Life goes on and that’s good!

Have a great day, smile and keep breathing and share the joy you find in life every day.



Give me go with pleasure

My way, and say

No word of my own misfortune;

But let me smile every day.

excerpt from Chanson du soir by Max Ehrmann



The easiest way to reach Mr. Grussing is by email: [email protected]

In addition to photography sales already taken Ted does special shots for clients on request and also does air to air photography for those who want pictures of their planes in flight. All special photography sessions are billed on an hourly basis.

Ted also runs one-on-one workshops for those who want to learn the techniques he uses. By special arrangement, Ted will run one-on-one aerial photography workshops which will include real photo shoots in the air.

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